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Thread: White horses??

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    Question White horses??

    Hello everyone!! I'm looking for a poem for a dear friend of mine who couldn't remember the name or who it was by. The one bit my friend can remember is "far out to sea there are white horses to ride little white horses that race with the tide" I'd say it is probably an English poet seeing my friend is from Australia. It is also possibly a childrens poem. Could someone help me find this poem?? Or does someone out there know it?? If you could please help that would be great!! Thank you guys!!

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    Here you go:

    Little Horses

    Far out at sea there are horses to ride,
    Little white horses that race with the tide,
    Their tossing manes are the white sea foam,
    And the lashing winds are driving them home,
    To shadowy stables, fast they must flee,
    To the great green caravan under the sea.
    (Children pretend to mount their seahorses, then trot and gallop going in one direction around a circle. Shake heads and return to original place in circle.)

    Found it here:

    It's from "A Child's Seasonal Treasury" edited by Betty Jones. I can't find the author of the poem.
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