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Thread: Ode to the Unattainable Beautiful Blonde Girl

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    Ode to the Unattainable Beautiful Blonde Girl

    She walks gracefully down the street
    Her long golden mane flowing behind her, dancing to her every step
    She glances at me, her gorgeous eyes make my heart skip a beat
    Her flawless face glows with healthy radiance

    Her voluptuous body is positively stunning
    Her impeccably shaped breasts bounce upon her heaving chest
    Her derrier so deliciously round and firm
    Her hips so slim they cry "hold me! hold me!"

    She is someone you could adore forever
    She is someone you'd want to please
    She is someone you'd want to hold on to
    She is the unattainable beautiful blonde girl

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    bootylicious. but, is she loving and intelligent, and an avid supporter of the sierra club as well?
    rather descriptive - i was . which i suppose means that this would be great in a gallery!
    the air and water have been here a long time, and they are telling stories.

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    Completely agree with you amuse. When I think of the term ‘beautiful people’, the kind of person who is the subject of this poem isn’t likely to come to mind. Still horses for courses as they say. Takes all sorts.
    Faith is believing what you know ain't so - Mark Twain

    The preachers deal with men of straw, as they are men of straw themselves - Henry David Thoreau

    The way to see faith is to shut the eye of reason - Benjamin Franklin

    The teaching of the church, theoretically astute, is a lie in practice and a compound of vulgar superstitions and sorcery - Leo Tolstoy

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    Reminds me of this one I wrote for my sexretary once when she asked me to write her a poem:

    O Baby, Baby, Can't You See!

    O Baby Baby, can't you see!
    You're makin' a fool out of me.
    I'm not made of steel,
    I'm only a man;
    And, Baby, you've got me eatin'
    out of your hand.
    That face would launch
    a thousand ships.
    And O that I could
    kiss those lips!
    O Baby, Baby, can't you see
    You're makin' a fool out of me!

    She was as impressed with my poem, as I was with her. Later she quit, said the "sexual tension" was just too strong. I've learned in almost forty years of having sexretaries that you either fall in love with them or you grow to hate them, and vice versa.


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    How about this one?

    Those Chicks at Starbucks
    Hardy Parkerson

    O I haven’t written a poem
    In quite a long time,
    So I guess I’ll try writin’ one
    And try to make it rhyme.

    If I work real hard
    And have a little luck,
    I might become a bard
    Writin’ ‘bout those chicks at Starbucks.

    Seems all those beautiful gals
    Have gone to Starbucks, Slick;.
    So I gotta get over there, pal
    And find me a chick real quick.

    Those gals at Starbucks
    Look like a bunch of movie stars;
    But it’s I in my old truck
    And they in their flashy cars.

    But I’ve found out somethin'
    'Bout a truck I didn’t know:
    It’s if you have a truck,
    It’s with you they wanta go.

    There's somethin' ‘bout a truck
    That makes a Starbucks honey
    Wanta climb up in that cab
    And help you spend your money.
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