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Thread: The hidden face of Terror

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    The hidden face of Terror

    Do you think there is really a way to beat the terrorists? What can you do against people who will take their own lives to destroy that of others? Israel does not tolerate terror, though she does not get any less of it - and maybe more, than other countries. Every so often they punish the perpetrators by bulldozing villages where their headquarters are, etc, or by killing the leaders. But the suicide bombers still come.

    If Israel, so intolerant and continually on the offensive, continues to be attacked - what chance has the USA despite its might and world standing, in defeating this unseen enemy?

    Both Israel and Russia know where their terrorists come from and they do at least have a target area, but the USA has no specific target or place. Their enemy is unseen and scattered, united not by national zeal, but by religious ideal...or it religious ideal? My point is that though Israel and Russia know where their enemy hides, they are still just as powerless to prevent things like the terrible scenes in Beslan - so what chance does the USA have when their enemy is less locatable?

    The USA sees itself as all powerful I think. Do you think that a little less pride would be helpful? Sometimes the arrogance of the USA takes my breath away.


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    Hi Miranda

    I'm sorry but I have to lock this topic, as discussion of politics is not allowed in these forums.

    Please see the following topic that Admin posted. There are also many other locked topics that refer to the discussion of politics not being allowed here in any of these forums.
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