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    Smile Hello & Help

    Hello, everyone:
    i'm new here and i 'm from China. i read Peter Pan since i was 5 and it is my favorite book. Now i am more than 22 and i will graduate from our university in 2008. Right now i am preparing for my research paper and i chose the literature as the topic, and of course i decide Peter Pan as the literature work i would research on. However, i am not so good at writing. i am very worried about writing my paper for it should be 5,000 words(i have never written so many words)
    i have searched some resources from our library and somewhere else and i am still keeping researching. but there is limited source i can get just by myself, so i come here and ask for all of your help.
    i decide to research on the characters in Peter Pan, and the most i will discuss are Peter and Wendy. So would you like to share with me your thoughts about them or some resources?
    i will be very appreciate your help! Have a nice day!

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    Now that would be telling it, wouldnt it?
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    Just a thought... You wont be able to refferance anythoughts put up here easily so be careful of the plagerism pitt!
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    yes, you are right i should not do such a thing here,
    but thanks anyway for your reminding

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