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Thread: Quotes from Goethe's Faust

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    I like this one from Faust

    Ich bin zu alt, um nur zu spielen,
    Zu jung, um ohne Wunsch zu sein.

    I am too old just to play,
    Too young to be without desire.

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    Wow I am not even through the first 50 pages and I am filling up my notebook with quotes I love....
    I think the irony of this portion of the exchange between Mephisto and Faust is my favorite so far....actually laughing out loud in a crowded coffee shop...brought quite the looks
    Mephisto. It's time you let me go! I'll call again soon, and then you can ask me any question you wish.

    Faust. I didn't lay a snare for you!
    You put yourself into the trap.
    A devil in hand is well worth keeping,
    it takes a good while to catch one again.

    The whole concept of working to attract the Devil, then making fun of it when it is trapped....a whee bit arrogant there Herr Faust? love it...

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