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Thread: a plumb quandry

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    a plum quandry

    I am asking for help, please. My landlord and his family and his sisters family keep giving us all the plums that grow in thier yards, and hte entire fridge is filled with them. They are rotting, they stink, and the only thing we can find to make with plums is a plum bundt cake, we've made more than one. So now our kitchen is filled with cakes and the fridge with plums and we've made hardly a dent in them, my basic diet is plums plums plums (at least I'm saving money). Does anybody know any recipes for things with plums? Waste seems such a terrible and cruel option.
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    do you can? i know it's slightly dangerous, and not done often, but think of how many plums you can enjoy months from now.
    there is a recommendation that this be made with plums:
    here's a chutney recipe that calls for 4 lbs (!!) of plums:
    um, cheesecake mousse with rum-soaked plums: pretty picture, at least, even if the soaking doesn't appeal.
    hm. what about belgian waffles with plums instead of strawberries? and plum in one's salad instead of say apples or cranberries, if you're the type to eat fruit in salad.
    do plums freeze, btw? and do you know anyone with a vacuum sealer thingy?

    oh, i also saw something re: a plum frappe and plum tart.
    yum! and how sweet of them.
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