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    Take my hand

    I was bored at home so I decided to write a sci-fi story with a romance name.

    Take my hand.

    It was a typical day in New York, The sun was high, The cars filled the streets.
    The buzz of peoples business was everywhere,I had my job to do as all the others do. I work at the Novelty Weekly. personally I think its a dumb name for a newspaper. I opened the door, and the bell above the door rung with it. I saw Sarah pop up from behind the reception desk. "Hi Ken." She said with a smile on her face. "Hows it going Sarah." I asked as she didn't look too well, "Oh I'm fine Just a little bit spooked with all thats going on you know?" She proceeded to tell me about strange orange lights spotted above the city, and how all the power shut out last night, then how only TV's and radios worked, with only static to be heard and seen.

    Sitting at my office computer I began to think about it, whats going on? I heard Cooper, My boss walking toward my cubical, "Wheeler, I need you to write up that stupid orange lights story for me, People everywhere want answers, And your gonna find them." "Ok, Coop." I replied, The man intimidates me so much, I wish he'd just disappear sometimes. "Don't call me Coop, My names Cooper ok wheeler?" "Sorry sir." I whispered.

    I spent most of my day running around town, Interviewing cops and citizens, most of the people were stumped. The sun was beginning to fall into the ocean, I had no story, No ideas. Nothing. I decided to wait at the park, and watch the sky. There i sat for what seemed like hours. Then it happened.

    A flash lit the sky up like fire, Bright orange. Then back to black, I saw 4 lights, hovering directly over me Some, 10000 kilometers. People gathered all around. The lights joined into a circle, And started descending. I was frozen with fear and astonishment. They came to ground level, then stopped shining. A elevator like door opened and a ramp extended out to where i was standing at the front of the crowd.One figure walked out, All i could see was a silhouette, It was clearly wearing a cloak with a large collar, And had a huge head.

    The crowd was silent, The figure just stood there. Scanning the area, And then its head turned straight to me, I could tell it was looking straight at me. I don't know why, But i walked towards it. I joined it at the top of the ramp. It extended its bony hand towards me, I heard the words "Take my hand." Like i was thinking it, But i wasn't. It was, It can enter my mind. Then it can hear what im thinking, right now. So i did as it said. Then all went black.

    I woke up next morning in my bed as usual like nothing happened. I felt like i needed a shave. Boy! Did i need that shave. I had a full beard on my chin.
    I looked outside. I went to work as usual. Everyone seemed surprised to see me, I had already dismissed all of last night as a dream by now. I saw Sarah from reception. She said to me, "Where the heck have you been ken?! Its been 10 years!" I looked at my hand that had made contact with the creature. There were strange patterns of triangles and circles. I fainted upon seeing this. Now im a celebrity story, I cant go anywhere without being recognized. I wish i could recollect that night. Just a fraction of what happened after a grabbed that creatures hand would make me feel complete.
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