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Thread: Need advice for Kipling's poetry

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    Need advice for Kipling's poetry

    I am just looking for an advice.A couple of days ago I found in a library a complete collection of Kipling's poetry and I was wondering whether it was worth it.I'm in a phase where I find poetry extremely satisfactory but only if it is of high quality.I think that Kipling's prose is very interesting and meaningful,but are his poems the same?I've read only a couple and with that you can't really judge.Anyone able to help?
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    Well I personally enjoy his poetry, I am currently in the process of reading The Years Between and Other Poems from History and overall I enjoyed them very well and some I thought were exceptionally good.

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    Kipling is a splendid poet, the question as to whether or not you will like his poetry can only be answered by you. Worth a try from my point of view...Can't think of any real gems, let me think about it.
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    If you want all his poems I suggest Pinney's Cambridge Edition of the Poems of RK. On the other hand if you want a selection of the best may I suggest my own anthology, The Surprising Mr Kipling?

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    Quite a lot of his poems were published in his collections of short stories and they reflect the contents of the stories. I'm thinking particularly of the two children's books of historical fantasy, Puck of Pook's Hill and Rewards and Fairies. The overexposed poem If reads rather differently when seen in context.

    PS The Smuggler's Song in Puck is a hoot. I love reciting it by heart. The Pict's Song is a seriously dark picture of victim psychology.
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