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Thread: Help needed, I am playing Wendy in Peter Pan

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    Help needed, I am playing Wendy in Peter Pan


    I was wondering whether everyone here who is into Peter Pan or has a child that is would mind telling me how they see Wendy. What qualities in terms of movement or personality should someone playing Wendy have? What do you feel Wendy's purpose is in the book? How were you first introduce to Peter Pan, was it through the numerous films, the play or the book? In terms of children would you think that there ideas about Peter Pan are shaped by the film first or the book? What other information do you feel it is necessary for me to know about Wendy?

    Sorry for all the questions, I have researched Peter Pan and the character of Wendy now from several different angles and I am determined to get the as culturally accurate as possible. I am sure (since I believe we all have a collective consciousness as well as an independent one) that there will be generally agreed things about Wendy but I am also interested in unusual thoughts about Wendy.

    Thank you

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    I would say that Wendy would be a motherly, caring figure. Figuring this from the fact that she was like a mother to Peter and the Lost Boys. I suggest reading the book again, or looking at the films. Hope that helps and you are successful!
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