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Thread: Don Quixote: poetry and lyrics rhyming in English translation?

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    Don Quixote: poetry and lyrics rhyming in English translation?


    I recently completed reading what I believe to be an English translation of Don Quixote (the original being written in Spanish, right?).

    One thing that nagged me about the text was that, if this was a translation from Spanish to English, why was it that so much of the poetry and lyrics rhymed, or read back as if they had been written in English from the start.

    I'm not familiar with Spanish, however I can't imagine that it just so happens that the English equivalent of Spanish words rhyme as well. Am I wrong?

    If I'm not, does that mean that the poetry and lyrics have not been translated word for word?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Who translates novel, translates also poems in it and tries to make rhymes sounds best as they can, almost like in original text.
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