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Thread: Writing Book Reviews

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scheherazade View Post
    Even though Book Reviews section of the Forum is for the casual perusal of our own users and reviews posted are not necessarily expected to be of academic standards, it is both desirable and requested that the reviews included follow a general outline and be as informative as possible.

    While searching the web, trying to find more information on the subject, I came across Dalhouise Library's site, which included a nice how-to guide:

    As well as your scoring, you can also add the universal poll to your reviews, which consists of the options (please do not worry if you forget; one of our Moderators will do it later on) :

    * A bookworm's nightmare!
    ** Take a nap instead!
    *** Finished but no reason to skip meals.
    **** Don't forget to unplug the phone for this one!
    ***** A bookworm's bibliophilic dream!

    Thanks to everyone who take the time to share their thoughts and feelings on the books they have been reading!

    Happy posting, happy reviewing!

    Nice thanks for sharing.. It helps me a lot..

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    What a good outline! Nice!

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    As you told in the question, i also felt that. No sites give the correct manner of the tips of writing a book review. So the information given here are informative to write the book review and also the information will help the people to write the book review as a wonderful one with 100% confidence. So thanks a lot my dear friend...
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    Thanks! Sounds great!

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    Interesting. I'll disseminate the link to Dalhouse article, as I think it can be of good use to some folks.
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