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    The literature of Mr. Twain reminds of childhood and is such a reckoning link to memories of Missouri and the times we moved away to Texas and Oklahoma.
    The birth of my children brought me back to Life On The Mississippi as I chose to read to them the descriptive phrases about the river itself. It speaks of life in its abundance and circumstance.

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    Several historical events and periods are discussed as relevant to the history of childhood in the West. One such event is the life of Jesus Christ[1] Christ taught that children were to be loved and revered, a departure from the ancients' attitude to children which was to be propagated in the Roman Empire during the next 400 years with the introduction of Christianity.
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    In the summertime the sound of the calliope brought everyone to the bluffs overlooking the river, and the children bet on who would be the first to see the Delta Queen make its paddlewheel way around the slight bend.
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