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Thread: Walk through proles section?

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    Walk through proles section?

    Why does Winston take the chance of walking through the proles section?? If he got caught couldn't he get sent away?? If he took the picture that Mr. Charrington was going to sell to him and he got caught with it, would he have a chance of getting vaporized??

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    I think Winston goes through the Proles section so he can see how the Party has dealt with them. Though this, he can further reject the Party's ideals by understanding some of their methods. He also could be walking for that one person who could tell him what pre-Party England was like, although we later find out that the one Prole old enough cares more about the difference of beer.

    As for Winston taking the chance of walking through the Proles section, I don't think he cares about the risk as he knows he'll eventually be vaporized, but he just doesn't know when.

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    Look at the the difference between the Prole section and Winston's environment. The Proles demonstrate some emotion (even though it is misplaced). They also seemingly enjoy a higher level of freedom, even though they don't know what to do with it.

    Winston is drawn to the Proles because of this and the fact that he sees that they are the hope for the future and is searching for his own hope in them. Unfortunately for him he doesn't find much.

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