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Thread: 1984 and the defense of socialism

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    1984 and the defense of socialism

    1984, as well as George Orwell, are quite prominent dissenters in socialism and the ideal of "state run countries".

    However, as a socialist I find this to be a bit misleading. Socialism does not rely on a powerful state. Some brands of socialism do, some do not.

    In the past, 1984 was a direct corrolation to how George Orwell saw Russia. A powerful state that was working towards absolute control over it's people. That was very much a truth at the time.

    However, to say that 1984 decried socialism is a farce. 1984 has just as strong similarities to our current capitalist system. Similarities can be drawn. In replacement of a strong state you can instill religion + business. The CIA can be viewed as a "secret police" especially with the advent of "The Patriot Act". The war on terrorism in the perpetual war.

    If anything, 1984 (to me) is about the problems that can arise when apathy and complascency take hold of a population. In Canada, we just had the lowest voter turnout since Confederacy. Just over 60%. In the US we are seeing a voter turnout of around 50% of the voting population. That, to me, is the 1st step towards the world we read of in 1984. Regardless of Socialism or Capitalism, it is the proles who have the power. It is the proles that have removed their power to the few.

    We, everyone, are the proles. We are pissing away our countries.

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    Hello earth, welcome to the Literature Network forums.

    I'm just going to tell you now that discussion of politics is not allowed in these forums. There are a few locked topics about this already you can refer to.

    `Politics' can be discussed if they relate directly to the content of George Orwell's `fictitious' works only. Discussion of current political climate is not allowed. I'll keep this topic open if people can stick to the particular works of George Orwell though.
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