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Thread: Fall from the House of Usher Question

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    Fall from the House of Usher Question

    Was the Usher bloodline, inbred?

    "I had learned, too, the very remarkable fact, that the stem of the Usher race, all time-honored as it was, had put forth, at no period, any enduring branch ; in other words, that the entire family lay in the direct line of descent, and had always, with very trifling and very temporary variation, so lain."

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    the answer to your question is yes, the family was very much imbred. if you are to read the work in question along with some research; you will find that the bloodline was at end with the last remaining members bieng usher and his developmentally disabled sister: lady madeline.

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    It was a rather common occurance among proiment families, becasue they did not want to *taint* thier blood line and wanted to keep it as pure as possible, so among royalty, and other prominent families inbreeding was a regular occurance, becasue they felt to intermingle with those outside thier bloodline would dillute thier blood.

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