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Thread: everyone who read A passage to India please help me

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    everyone who read A passage to India please help me


    everyone who read this novel can help me
    I study now A passage to India and I want to know everything about this novel I want to know the story of the novel in detail and the theme of the novel


    I am very worried

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    start with reading it, think about it, and if you have a question about it...ask away...sounds like you want us to explain the entire book, which is really a chore.
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    thanks B-Mental on your passing

    I read the summary of it and I have questions plzzzzzz

    what happened for Adela in the cave ??

    and why she said that D Aziz attempted to rape her

    and how D Aziz become unguilty or blameless???

    and I want to know what is the relationship between English people and indian???


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    Have you read the novel itself and not just a summary? You will never get this book in a summary, and you will also never get help from people here unless you've actually done the work of reading the book yourself. If you have, in fact read the book and are just confused, then we also need to see that you actually have some thoughts on these questions yourself and are not just asking us to do your homework for you. What do you think the answers to these questions are?

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    Have you read the novel itself and not just a summary?
    no I'm just read the summary because I study English language and the English language isn't my mother tongue so it is very difficult for me to read the whole novel because there is a lot of vocabulary that are not familiar for me so I need your help to understand the novel very well

    pleas help me

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    read it first. buy an edition that has some additional materials like introductions and footnotes and a glossary. try searching the net. they have a study guide of A Passage to India in and afterwards read it again.

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    I am also like you red rose, Can you please tell me from where are you studying? and which course of english r u doing ? Myself also sailing in the same boat.I also has not time to read all the texts.... I think our discussion on litt. will bring sth good 4 both

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