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Thread: Now can't access certain threads..maybe goodbye to Miranda.

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    Now can't access certain threads..maybe goodbye to Miranda.

    Does someone here have something against me or am I getting paranoid? Evertime I try to access the discussion I was having with Robert about Job, or indeed any discussion on the Religious forum, I get this message :

    There seems to have been a slight problem with the Literature Network Forums database.
    Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser.

    An E-Mail has been dispatched to our Technical Staff, who you can also contact if the problem persists.

    We apologise for any inconvenience.'

    Anyone else get the same? So I decided to post to the thread I started, 'Anyone else have trouble accessing site'..and what happens? Same message! Yet I can open anything else on here...weird! Maybe I better pack my bags and go? Perhaps I'm not wanted here . I probably won't be able to read any messages in reply to this, even if it does get posted. I probably won't be able to access the site at all soon. If I can't well I really enjoyed this site and being here.


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    Don't be so hasty to leave miranda, I am having the same problem

    Stanislaw Lem
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    The problems earlier in the week were from the domain system on the server crashing. This means that it didn't recognize itself as and it couldn't recognize any other server.

    This then caused a backlog in the email program that handles things like the sonnet-a-day list.

    So I fixed the domain issue, the site worked again, but then the email problem sucked up all remaining disk space on the partition where the databases are stored and so then we started having these forum problems.

    Then the whole server crashed.

    Now, hopefully, its all fixed.
    Chris Beasley
    The Literature Network

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    Yay! I can sign on again.

    I appreciate all the work you do around here Admin I have _some_ appreciation for what is involved with a website development and I know the forums are not your only area here to look after.

    Don't be so hasty Miranda and don't take it personally this has happened before and it may happen again, but again I think Admin does a great job around here maintaining things.

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    yeah damn good job admin... I wonder how admin can browse the forum without feeling the urge to replying to everything he sees that he might be interested in, or that he might want to have his say about... (I know that if I only want to 'have a look' at a forum, I find myself checking every possible thread, and replying to most of them, which makes it impossible for me to visit a forum in 10 minutes...)
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    I have the same problem, just yesterday too. It seems to happen every now and then.

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    i actually think this is a great of the best I've found on the internet and I really love being here. But I was getting so frustrated - especially when it seemed I could do anything except reply to the threads I was involved in. Anyway I'm glad it wasn't a conspiracy and that it really was just me being paranoid..and I'm glad the site is back to normal now and thank Admin for this site. There must be a lot of work goes into it especially as there is more to it than than just this forum - and I do appreciate it.


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