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Thread: use of realism? help!!

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    use of realism? help!!

    This is my first posting, so hello!

    I need some guidance - I have an essay to write on the use of realism in relation to the roles of the father-figures of Frankenstein. I'm at a bit if a loss; I can discuss the significance of the father-figures, of Alphonse/Victor, and Victor/his monster with little problem, but I don't know how to discuss the realism element.

    Any ideas out there? This was the first time I read the novel and I must say, I loved it. It's also the first essay I've had to write for 10 years and I'm struggling!

    Any advice or guidance would really help me get started.


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    I am not sure but I remember reading a decent essay, of course, while searching google for info about Frankenstien and there seemed to be lots of references to 'realism'.

    here is one from

    check there, you may find lots of essays but DO NOT count on them...

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