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Thread: The Wind in the Willows

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    The Wind in the Willows

    1. I'm old and so is the site, no? I probably won't be back, but...

    2. I'm reading the book site for the first time and the book for the fifth time, at 72, and I want to wish everyone to READ IT REPEATEDLY! Starting with tiny kids and moving on up, it's a sweeping answer to increasingly desperate world problems.



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    So glad you found it at the age of 72. I agree completely and am swept away at the age of 39 by the beauty of this book. I read it as a child and am now reading it to my four year old son. The most wonderful imagery I have been lucky enough to encounter. And the friends, who could have such friends?! I visited a childhood friend today and suggested she read it to her daughters, ages 6 and 8. The world is a better place every time this book gets read!

    Read it again and enjoy!

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    When my mother was dying of cancer a few years' ago, I read Wind in the Willows to her in her care home, using the copy she won as a prize at school.

    We both wept at The Piper at the Gates of Dawn chapter.

    It is a wonderful work, although I am far more taken with the Mole/Rat chapters than the Toad ones.
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    I love The Wind in Willows! I probably prefer the Mole and Rat sections-I know I'm more like them, but Toad is kind of irrepressible. He reminds me of my younger son.
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    I read The Wind in the Willows last year. I absolutely loved it. Mole and Rat were my favourites, but I also liked the Badger.

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