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Thread: Where's the "Temple of Hercules"

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    Where's the "Temple of Hercules"

    At the end of part 2, chapter VII, the book says " I caught a fleeting glimpse of the memorable temple of Hercules, submerged, as we are told by Pliny and Avianus". Does anybody know which temple was that? Haven't found anything about it..

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    Ok, the reference to Pliny and Avianus let you know that it is an ancient ruin. The fact it is submerged makes me instantly of Atlantis. But I'm having trouble backing that up.

    I quickly looked up Avianus and he apparently is best known for his fables. Pliny is more of a historian, but I could not find whether he wrote about Atlantis or not.

    I know most of the writing about Atlantis (which appear to have been 2 islands in the Med. 1 destroyed by a volcano and the other by the ensuing tidal wave) are recorded by the Greeks who heard about them from Egypt.

    So maybe I'm wrong about Atlantis, or maybe I'm wrong about Pliny and Avianus or maybe Verne was slightly off in his information/scholarship has changed since them.

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