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Thread: The Minister's Black Veil by Nathaniel Hawthorne

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    Today, in my American Literature class, my teacher told us that we have to do an short project. It's about writing at least four paragraphs (five sentences each paragraph) about The Minister's Black Veil. Well, we read the story in the class, and I barely remember some of it. I will try to put effort on this, but if any of you know already have read this story, please give me some advices. My project is as follows:

    Topic: Is Mr. Hooper's perpetual veil an reflection of his desire to do good, or evil? How do others perceive it?

    Now, begin your essay with a introduction paragraph, that explains your stance and previews the paper that follows. Then discuss how following people perceive veil and Mr. Hooper's intentions behind it.
    -Mr. Hooper

    Well, since I already read the story, which is about Mr. Hooper having the veil around his face all the time. I already know that Elizabeth was not satisfied about Mr. Hooper's reactions toward the veil. But, I forgot what the Parishioners reacted to Mr. Hooper's veil. I need some help on this.
    Also, for the topic included, all I have to worry about is that whether Mr. Hooper's perpetual veil a good or bad thing, and also describe how other people reacted to it, this is pretty much it for topic, right?

    Also, the assignment says that I have to include at least two quotes that are well integrated with my own thoughts/writing/ The inclusion of the quotes should not distrupt the sentence fluency of the paper. What does this mean?
    Also, it says that I have to include page numbers for every specific reference to the text. But unfortunately, we can't bring the American Literature textbooks to our home, but our teacher gave us a similar packet. What should I do?

    Well, I'm not necessary saying that you should give me the answers, but advices and tips that will help me. This project is VERY, VERY important, so please help me out some on this if possible.



    I need to write the essay for this as soon as possible, so if anyone could help me out, it will be great..

    I've already read "The Minister's Black Veil" by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I already remembered Elizabeth's opinions toward Mr. Hooper about the black veil, but I kinda forgot the Parishioners' opinions toward Mr. Hooper's black veil. I think they thought that Mr. Hooper was crazy about wearing the black veil, but I'm not 100% sure about Parishoners part. Can anyone help me out please?



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    First, visit the following link and read it through. It has an analysis of major characters (even the townspeople), a plot summary, and a theme analysis. Within the theme analysis you should find the answer to Mr. Hooper's motives in wearing the black veil (in other words, to do good or evil).

    Second, when integrating quotes, don't start a sentence with a quote. In order not to disrupt fluency, you should use them to complete sentences or thoughts. For example:

    Such was the parishioner's initial reaction to the veil that Goodman Gray exclaimed, "Our parson has gone mad!" (page x).

    At the end of the quote, cite the page number in parenthesis.
    com-pas-sion (n.) [ME. & OFr. <LL. (Ec.) compassio, sympathy < compassus, pp. of compati, to feel pity < L. com-, together + pali, to suffer] sorrow for the sufferings or trouble of another or others, accompanied by an urge to help; deep sympathy; pity

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