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Thread: Looking for a book from my past

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    Unhappy Looking for a book from my past

    Hey all,

    I think for the last month or so I have walked around all of my local book stores, trying to find a book from my past.

    Unfortunately I have completely forgot everything needed to track the book down. I can't remember the title, author even character names. Take to mind that this book is not ancient or anything, I believe I read though this one in grade school aprox 14/15 years back...

    I do remember peices of the book so I hope that someone might recognize.
    This is obviously a fictional short novel.

    From what I remember the main character, a younger kid (14?range) wanted to run away and a strange creepy old man shows up at his window and convinces the boy that he could take him away. He gets taken to this large mansion type home surrounded by a fog which keeps the kids prisoners to the home unknown to them *if they leave they find them selfs back at the house*. There are other children like himself here. There are strange things that happen in this home... Its Christmas every monday morning and the children get one gift of whatever they want if they wished it the night before, and its Halloween every friday night and so on so forth.

    I know this isn't a very good discription, but other then walking around looking at every book on the shelf... Im not sure how to find it... haha

    thanks for takin a read.

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