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Thread: The Testament by John Grisham

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    The Testament by John Grisham

    The Testament by John Grisham

    The second Grisham book I have read (first one, A Painted House, was a very good read: 9/10). It is about a will settlement of an eccentric rich man, who commits suicide. As usual, there are greedy, no-use off-springs who want to get their hands on the money; however, the old man has other plans for his fortune and a recovering alcoholic lawyer reluctantly becomes the person who is to see that things go according to plan.

    It is a page-turner like other Grisham books but lacks the originality and strength of his some other stories (A Time to Kill, Rainmaker, The Client, The Firm, Last Juror, The Pelican Brief etc... How is it possible that one man can write so many books which are made into good movies as well?) It is a page-turner and fun read, nevertheless, especially if you are lying on the beach!

    6/10 KitKats!
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    John Grisham is one of my favorite writers....I was in the first grade with him back in the olden days. His family is from the same area I'm from so I feel a certain loyality to him. A Painted House was my favorite because it tells the story of so many families from the area.
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