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Thread: Falling Into Love

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    Falling Into Love

    The seed of love was planted
    So many years ago
    And over time we have watched
    Through each season, our love grow

    Winter made its presence felt
    As the cold, harsh breezes blew
    But there was nothing that could stop
    Me from loving you

    Love came into fruition
    In the early days of Spring
    Fragrant blossoms in abundance
    So much joy did love bring

    Love came into my heart
    On the warm Summer's breeze
    To love you was not a chore
    For I loved you with such ease

    Once again the seasons changed
    To one another our hearts call
    And like the rustic Autumn leaves
    Into love we both fall

    * * *

    "When I'm falling in love,
    no safety net is required"

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    gr8 ............its really good poem

    thx Suetang

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