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Thread: robert barr 'tekla' seeking info on photo of tekla

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    robert barr 'tekla' seeking info on photo of tekla

    Hi, I have recently come across a copy of Robert Barr's Tekla, A Romance of Love and War, 1898, F.A. Stokes Publisher, however I found located in the book a photo in a plastic baggie marked "Tekla Kirten', 1000 W. 4th St. The photo appears to very old. I tried doing a search on this name but everything came up in a foreign language. I was hoping someone might be able to assist me any info on the real Countess Tekla, or perhaphs this Tekla Kirten may have owned the book. any help is so greatly appreciated.Thanks, I have included a few links to photos.

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    Very interesting!

    Quickly just a few ideas off the top of my head:
    Joseph Conrad mentions a "Countess Tekla Potochka" in his A Personal Record: Some Reminiscences Ch. 2: and in his Under Western Eyes - Part III, Ch. 2 :

    Not sure if it is the same person.

    Maybe Assistant Professor of English - Paul Stuewe Ph.D. at
    has some information about this. He has done much research on Barr and other Canadian authors
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