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Thread: A question ... please get in !

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    Post A question ... please get in !

    Hello my dear
    how are you all.. I hope you all to be over fine.

    i'm a newcomer here in this, useful, website and i hope to get all the valuable advantages from all of you....

    Anyhow, i'm here just to put a poor question need to be spelled out, and i hope getting the reasonable answer.... my question is about Emily Bronte .... you know i'm a student in Faculty of Arts, moreover, we, nowadays, studying this novel witch written by Bronte....

    the question is:
    1. Discuss revenge in Wuthering Heights. In what ways is it connected to love? What is the nature of love in the novel, that it can be so closely connected to vengeance?

    Yours Ahmed

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    Hello dear Ahmed!
    Welcome to the forum! I hope you'll have a great time here.
    Please check out this thread:

    It might help.
    I think that Heathcliff and Catherine's love is a really ''unearthly'' one, a demonic love which you can hardly meet in real life.It is connected to vengeance. I believe that both Heatchliff and Catherine arre strange and bad characters and these things get them together, because they are soul mates, a fact which is more powerful then thier rationality and will and determines the course of the story.
    I checked my copy of Wuthering Heights and found a quote which I believe is helpful:
    '' The tyrant grinds down his slaves and they don't turn against him; they crush those beneath them. ''(Heathcliff,Ch.11)Heatchliff says this to Catherine and in here we've got the ''way'' in which his revenge works. In this quote, Catherine is the tyrant and the slave is Heatcliff. Those beneath the tyrant are those ''beneath Catherine'': Linton,Hindley and all who Heathcliff trates so horribly.

    I hope this helps. Ask for more if you do need. You can also PM me for other question.
    Good luck!
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