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Thread: What are u reading right now?

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    Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

    I am just about halfway through and it is a rather engrossing book and quite well written.

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    Holy smokes, finished "Beware of Pity" (1938) three or four nights ago. I feel almost ashamed for it taking so long...not that it was a bad book (don't read Wiki entry unless you want spoiler shoved in your face...ugh!), it was in fact thoroughly captivating, in an emotionally wrenching way, but my own boring non-dramatic life took over for a bit. Highly recommended if you like the Germans as much as I do. Needless to say a lighter read was in order so I grabbed "The Vulgar Streak" (1941) by Wyndham Lewis to give a little comic relief...I think it's comic, may have to let you know later. Loved his "Apes of God".
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    I just started North and South by Gaskall and I am pretty excited about it, nice easy read.

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    I just started the Iliad by Homer. I read the Odyssey in school and while i have listened to the audiobook for this I want to sink into the book. "In the war of Troy, the Greeks having sacked some of the neighboring towns, and taken from thence two beautiful captives, Chryseis and Briseis, allotted the first to Agamemnon, and the last to Achilles". I am currently 10 pages in and I enjoy just getting lost in the words. The emotions of the Greeks are so strong even if the kidnapping of innocent women is horrible, it is also part of the times. I love the written word and I express myself so much better this way. Plus, there is so much more to understand when they are laid out in a single organized sentence. With the spoken word, it is hard to say what you mean sometimes and get the right meaning across to the listener. Of course, I am lamenting the death of the written word as it is lost in the mess known as the internet. Though its not all bad. I found a play where words are appreciated.

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