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Thread: resistance against the party?

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    resistance against the party?

    hi, first post ^^

    i just finished reading 1984. but i dont really completely understand some parts. hope some people here can help me clear some things up.

    is the brotherhood against the party?
    is the brotherhood some kind of rebellion?
    is there some kind of resistance against the party in 1984?

    thanks ^^

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    Ok. Good questions after a first read of the book.

    I can answer the first two questions in one:

    The Brotherhood doesn't exist. It is purely a work of fantasy by the Party to ensure that people with any thoughts of resistance immediately seek out "The Brotherhood". The book has been written by Party members to use in entrapment of thought-criminals, although the precise reasons why are debatable. We discussed this recently and the closest I think we got is that observation of thought-criminals while reading the book might be even more revealing to the Thought Police.

    In the book itself, there is no organised resistance to the Party and W & J's treason is the only form of "rebellion" which exists.
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