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Thread: Most eloquent prose (in English)

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    Most eloquent prose (in English)

    I haven't read Proust's Remembrance of Things Past yet, but I've heard many opine that even translated to English it owns some of the most eloquent prose ever put into print.


    And what other works do you consider to be of the most eloquent ever?

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    I had a hard time with the little Proust I read. If I recall, the combination of jumping from one point to another with lengthy descriptions of it all made it difficult to remember what he started at and what he was babbling about. I don't think it was Remembrance though... but maybe it was a small excerpt. Either way it was enough for me to never want to read that whole (4000 pages I think I heard?) heaping thing.

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    I'm trying to remember where I first heard of Proust. It made me attempt to read his book... Gilmore Girls?
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