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Thread: Your Favorite Poems from fellow Lit-Netters

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    "#0" by Haunted

    Iím just fine thanks
    yes I got disconnected
    no I donít know the number
    no donít know the name either
    ummm actually...........
    I have no one to call.
    ................did you know can implode
    in a void
    here I am, alone
    in a dark place
    dying inside as we speak
    operator can you please
    reconnect me
    "Im Arm der Liebe schliefen wir selig einÖ" ("Liebesode" - Otto Erich Hartleben)
    New poetry collection available (Kindle and paperback)

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    Tongue Imbroglio
    Boo by the sea
    by Jerrybaldy

    Upon Paignton pier on a winters day,
    half hearted, half open,
    winkles on special, whelks out of stock,
    we walked on frosted planks,
    past ice cream signs, lit by a watery sun.
    On a beach with no chairs,
    no laughter, no buckets, no spades,
    we strolled wrapped in scarves,
    with dreams of a warm cafť
    and a hug from a hot mug of tea.
    Sleeping arcades offered no jackpots
    a sign politely ordered, not to feed the gulls,
    a poster declared who was coming
    to the Playhouse, last May.
    An ambulance parked on the prom
    awaited a pensioners fall.
    A hand rail flaked white paint,
    as we followed a bleak shore
    with an optimism you found,
    amidst the February grey.
    Thatís the warmth,
    that you gifted to me.
    Neon in hibernation, no music,
    as you held my gloved hand
    I dreamt of the
    summers we planned ,
    whilst etching our names
    with a chilled flotsam branch
    in the sand.

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    Excellent choice! ^^^^

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    JB is good to read.


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    Originally posted by Delta40

    Quote Originally Posted by Delta40 View Post
    I stood half dressed under
    the waning crescent,
    exposed to flashes of his
    brilliant light.
    I can fix your problem
    So I let his deft hands do their work,
    bewildered at my powerlessness.
    Yet in my heart I knew
    our midnight encounter
    would bear no receipt.
    I trembled.
    Nobody would find a record
    that we ever knew each other.
    My guilty conscience spoke
    This is off the books isn't it?
    He pocketed the cash smiling.
    You already blew one fuse tonight honey'.
    Who understands men, I thought,
    as he prepared to leave me.
    Why blow another?

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    It's always an honour to find my work posted here!
    Before sunlight can shine through a window, the blinds must be raised - American Proverb

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    A Favourite of mine:

    Quote Originally Posted by MystyrMystyry View Post
    No-one knows from whence they came
    Only that they wish they'd go
    Conquest of Earth appears their aim
    Clogging up cities as they grow

    And huge! They are large as rhinos
    If large is the word to employ
    Pink elephants! declare local winos
    But whichever they bring no joy

    A hobo found the first one in a creek
    Near a sewer behind the bio-lab
    It was studied for longer than a week
    They finally paid him not to blab

    Don't tell the papers or the tv news
    It will cause panic and a riot
    This thing can't be contained in zoos
    Not even if we put it on a diet

    As big as it is (which is the first prob)
    It doesn't posess a definite form
    For it to escape would be an easy job
    Squeeze through bars and reform

    Before long the gasbag had multiplied
    Popped in millions of little bubbles
    Huge sum only a physicist might divide
    (Probably cause sleeping troubles)

    They expand so fast around the centre
    And up above and down below
    Can't see the mouth for food to enter
    So how do these buggers grow?

    Do they absorb nutrients - how much
    In order to grow this gigantic?
    Polluted air and stinky sweat - such
    That when they pop we're frantic!

    You'd think the trade'd be a good thing
    These moppers up of airborn junk
    Except the final act won't make you sing
    Huge explosion, stench and gunk

    Scientists have worked hard all month
    On these nuisances to eradicate
    Research shows they're made of someth-
    Which fresh air makes evaporate!

    It was a simple discovery - a window
    Left ajar, high up in old Blue Ridge
    A laboratory where tests require snow
    Or atmosphere resembling a fridge

    And that was it for the Bubbleblobs
    Now the last was shipped away
    Never more crowds of wobbly mobs
    Nor stinky pongs, nor dismay
    Before sunlight can shine through a window, the blinds must be raised - American Proverb

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    I like this sentence "The night is a room,
    Stepping into the door of the dusk
    You were changed into a shadow from an entity".

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    The Heart of the Dreaming
    A poem after my own heart:

    Stressed by Hawkman:
    Great spondee with your heavy feet,
    a trochee cried dismayed,
    Don’t step on me and squash me flat,
    you’d really spoil my day.

    A passing iamb heard the shout
    and rushed to her defence,
    then brandishing a metre stick
    declared in present tense,

    Avast, desist, break-off I say,
    stand back a pace, right now
    refuse and dactyls I will loose,
    with anapests, I vow.

    The spondee was outnumbered
    and he knew when he was beat,
    so slowly turned upon his heel
    then lumbered in retreat.

    The trochee and the iamb
    then observed how they were matched;
    a perfect mating couple,
    so their mutual itch they scratched.
    "As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being." --Carl Gustav Jung

    "To absent friends, lost loves, old gods, and the season of mists; and may each and every one of us always give the devil his due." --Neil Gaiman; The Sandman Vol. 4: Season of Mists

    "I'm on my way, from misery to happiness today. Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh" --The Proclaimers

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    Apples by Delta definitely belongs here -

    I picked up the fallen apple
    and placed it in my pinny
    to munch on later
    under the family tree.

    When I felt Dad's whiskers
    rub against my face,
    I softened so
    and peeled away some
    of its skin.

    When Mum was raving mad
    she withdrew all her love
    and I bit off chunks
    till I gnawed through
    to the core.

    When I grew up,
    I passed the old seeds
    to my daughter
    who said don't worry,
    she had a half eaten apple
    of her own.
    I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's. ~ William Blake

    Captivity is consciousness,
    So's liberty. ~ Emily Dickinson

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    This, most certainly, deserves to be here...

    Quote Originally Posted by Delta40 View Post
    (I love you)

    I sat on the deck
    and watched him
    push the yellow hand mower
    back and forth,
    clickety click click,
    while the autumn breeze
    filled the sleeves
    of his shirts
    hanging from the washing line
    to their true size.
    His hands yanked at weeds,
    desperate to get at the root.
    I lined all the used beer caps
    in a row, murmuring,
    Clickety click click
    and lost myself
    in struggling vines,
    changing hues
    and termite infested wood.
    Then there was no more noise,
    no more wind,
    no more weeds.
    Wrapped in a blanket,
    we shared a full moon,
    an empty washing line
    and enough pain
    to set a blazing fire
    that would thaw the frost
    of any autumn night.
    Clickety click click.

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    'Four fine people with songs in their chests' by Silas Thorne

    There's four fine people with songs in their chests:

    The first man, on the stairs,
    open-throats a Spanish hymn,
    pacing it back and forth to the roof
    but wishing it further.

    The second man stumbles,
    blues chords tangling in a white beard.
    With his arms down low,
    he's looking for the key to the storeroom.

    The third fine person has long legs
    and a purple dress,
    and she hums past a song
    as I let out my breath.

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    Oh wow, cool, thanks Jack of Hearts!

    Here's one of my favorites among the poems I've read recently. By hallaig. :

    The Secret of Fire

    You come to meet me
    through the rain.
    I am talking animatedly,
    but thinking all the time
    it is like being beside a flame,
    and when you are gone,
    passed through the weather
    to burn miles from here,
    I sit in this damp place
    with its light green as lichen
    like some primitive man
    with only water
    and the memory of fire,
    wondering whether out there
    metaphors still roam the earth
    to describe
    how much I love you.

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    wet sand by Jerrybaldy


    I am digging for the wet sand
    To build a castle
    In pain with the grains beneath my nails
    Ice cream stains on my vest
    Unbroken heart held
    In my pigeon chest
    The sea is calling me
    I run toes stubbing rocks
    Frightening fish
    The bed falls away
    And there’s mum
    There’s dad
    Hello mum
    Hello dad
    You are like them both
    But further away
    I can see the cliffs
    I can see the sky
    More and more blue
    Between me and you
    Soon a dolphin will take me back
    I will hold on to its fin
    That castle will not build itself
    You look like you belong there
    Together waving at me
    I have drifted past the piers end
    You should be proud
    I am my own man
    Your shouts are drowned
    By seagulls cries
    I dive to the depths
    In Scooby doo trunks
    Where sunlight cannot reach
    To find wet sand to build a castle
    Grasped in my small hand
    I rise like a hopeful bubble
    And burst into open ocean air
    Seagulls lend me wings
    To cumulinimbus
    Here in the sky
    My trunks dripping water
    Back to the seas
    I suck on an icecream
    And wave goodbye.
    Before sunlight can shine through a window, the blinds must be raised - American Proverb

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    The Fifth Circle

    By Hawkman

    My inner sword is hard and sharp,
    folded steel
    tempered in fire,
    under duress.

    When I engage in battle
    all my energy
    is concentrated in the cut,
    I do not slash.

    I can cut you with my hand,
    by thinking—
    I can cut you
    with a wooden stick

    Hear me, my enemy,
    my love,
    victory is achieved
    without drawing the sword.

    I am the river
    and the waterwheel.
    "You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same."

    --Jonathan Davis

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