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Thread: Excellent read, however...

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    Excellent read, however...

    ...little confused about the ending.
    '"You vill haf a gofernment apartment, mit firewood, mit licht, und mit serfices, vich you don't deserve," Krestyan Ivanovich's reply came sternly and terribly, like a verdict.
    Our hero cried out and clutched his head. Alas! he had lon forseen it!'

    Would somebody be able to explain this?


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    First off, does the ending of Portnoy's Complaint feel at all like the ending of The Double to anybody else? When I finished Roth's book I couldn't help but feel a little tip of the old hat to Dostoevsky.

    The real Goliadkin has officially been replaced by Goliadkin Jr. at this point. Dr. Ivanovich has taken Goliadkin Sr. into state custody where I assume he will receive psychiatric treatment. He knew that he was gradually being ousted, and this is the signal of the impostor's final takeover.

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    yes as i understood it it was his psychologist or doctor taking him away due to ill mental health. i love reading Dostoevsky and this book was very good indeed, but i do find some what happens hard to follow, russian names especially confuse me.

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    A great read,slightly different to his other works. Brilliant analysis of a basically isolated but normal person being judged by a somewhat superficial society as being 'mentally ill'. Goldyadkin is basically a bit too honest and idealistic and makes trouble by thinking too much about what others think about him. I did feel sorry for him. He just needed a good friend.

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