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    Hey everyone, I've only just joined this forum and wanted to share something with you. I'm not a poet- in the sense that i very very rarely write my thoughts and feelings down and i guess i dont have the usual skills of a poet. Anyway i wrote this very late last night when i couldn't sleep and for some reason wanted to share it

    You are like a virus. A virus that has implanted itself into every cell in my body. A virus that slowly and painfully annihalates all that is me and one that has the ability to secrete a unique type of endorphine into my mind, body and soul.
    When you release this endorphine, you make me feel so alive and euphoric and completely content; but when you don't, you just make me feel the presence of your destructive powers and the pain envelops me once again.
    I am addicted to your endorphine. I am so addicted to it that i feel its absence even more now than i did when i first met you, and i am so much more sensitive in detecting even the slightest defficiency.
    I am so addicted to your endorphine that i can withstand any amount of defficiency, any amount of pain, in the hope that one day i will experience the effect of your sweet endorphine once again.
    You are is like a virus. You have taken over so much of me that now i cannot survive without you. You pain me so much, but i know that if I tried to eradicate you now, I would be in so much more pain than I could ever have in your presence.
    Every cell in my body, every part of me has adapted to you so well that you are now an equal part of me.
    My whole being is now so dependent on your presence that without you I would simply stop.
    You are like a virus, and i will never be cured.

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    Well, it's nice writting style. Prose Poetry is a type I never picked up, but apparently you may have. Don't quit writting, and please, don't quit sharing!


    Some of us laugh
    Some of us cry
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    Some of us lie
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