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Thread: Which Factor Is Most Important In learning To Write Poem?

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    Which Factor Is Most Important In learning To Write Poem?

    I teach poetry myself. Lately, I lose my direction. I wonder which factor is most important to learn: language,, imagination, perceiving, ability, or others?
    Leave here what you have tasted during poem-writing. thx

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    activate the senses; feel everything and leave nothing behind. Then report back in your painted landscape.

    tasted ~ morning light.
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    "He was nauseous with regret when he saw her face again, and when, as of yore, he pleaded and begged at her knees for the joy of her being. She understood Neal; she stroked his hair; she knew he was mad."
    ---Jack Kerouac, On The Road: The Original Scroll

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    Free the mind of emotionial clutter, sort through the clutter, and write from the soul not the mind.

    Tasted ~ emotions
    Some of us laugh
    Some of us cry
    Some of us smoke
    Some of us lie
    But it's all just the way
    that we cope with our lives...

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    Have something to write about.
    Voices mysterious far and near,
    Sound of the wind and sound of the sea,
    Are calling and whispering in my ear,
    Whifflingpin! Why stayest thou here?

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