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Thread: Carlyle - Sartor Resartus

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    Carlyle - Sartor Resartus

    Would Carlyle be ordinarily regarded as a philosopher? Or is he rather a Coleridgean kind of thinker who occasionally produced Philosophy? I'm especially interested in his Sartor Resartus, which HE claims is philosophy, but really makes me question the defenitions and boundaries of Philosophy. I have to participate in a group discussion on this text soon, so I'd welcome any comments on either the text itself or on Carlyle as a philosopher.
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    Carlyle was definitely influenced by coleridge but much much more so by goethe schilling and the germans of the period what sartor is when carlyle was living with jane at a farm in in craigenputtock he wrote it the turning point comes when he has to decide between the everlasting yea or the everlasting no he reaches a crisis point and does make that ecision he was very young and his later works with the sartor exception were all historical and sartor was his only real attempt at philosophy per se there are some fine passages throughout sartor resartus which translated means the tailor retilored however he will be practically exclusively remembered as a freat historiab cromwell french rev. Etc... Reading jane carlyles letters will shed light for you if u can find it ive passsed thru my carlyle phase some years ago but his french rev. I will re read and i highly reccomend it as 2 your question no not a philosopher except for his sartor which is more like a big crisis point in his life when he was sowing the seeds 4 his historical works dont forget his meeting and correspondence with emerson too look into that end... Sal from brooklyn signing off plse write back like 2 hear from ya my emails [email protected] end. Or reach me here of course end.

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