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Thread: Fragment 2 (in the manner of Beckett)

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    Fragment 2 (in the manner of Beckett)

    I have been describing in detail of my place in the Mountains, but the more I think of it, a story is needed, a story of secrets and mysteries, and how they become obtainable. Say there was a young child by the name of Dennis, he was roughly 14 years of age, very naive yet depressed and sensitive, who fancied lizards more than himself. He gets books, maybe mostly to look at the pictures, unless they were of course, on his reading level. He studies lizard pictures and places of origins and special abilities. He assuredly, rather soon in his fascinations, discovers the African Chameleon was his absolute favorite of all the lizards the abundance of history could provide. Yes, he knows this; But how? How? Anyway Iím not going to describe the young mans fascination with things that shouldnít be fascinating, or his being picked on in school, or how he had become more and more cowardly as time went on. Maybe one day he will be strong, who knows? To get back to my story, Dennis came upon this interest in lizards from catching Green Anoles around his motherís house and neighborhood. Green Anoles are small lizards of the Anole family, the males have expanding sacks under their neck they use to challenge other males and court the ladies. They also have an ability to change color, like the African Chameleon, but only from green to brown. Dennis had caught many of the lizards because he was quick a docile, yet almost always gentle to the creature. One day, he caught such a fabulous adult male that he became the nearest thing to his heart. And since it was so near, Dennis gave him a name.

    Cliff the lizard got used to Dennis quickly and they soon became accustomed to each other. One day, Dennis was forced to leave his mother and go live with his father, and he brought Cliff with him. A terrarium and trips to the pet shop for crickets were highlights for Dennis during this most depressing time. With one day, Dennis carried the little Cliff on his finger while he went the bathroom to ****, our story truly begins. In the bathroom, the toilet paper dispenser had been ripped from the wall, leaving a big dark hole into the foundation of it. How this happened was simple, when Dennis notice the dispenser was slightly loose, he couldnít help but mess with it till it was off the wall completely. The reason why young Dennis simply had to make the situation worse is unknown, and one of the key mysteries and secrets possibly obtainable. Dennis notice, on the pot, that Cliff was attempting on his right finger to crawl into the dark hole in the wall; And Dennis mysteriously needing to make problems worse tempted Cliff by luring him ever closer to the hole, until it was too late. Cliff with great necessity escaped and went into the wall for good, falling to the ground inside the deep darkness of the foundation. Dennis cried and mourned for the loss of his lizard. He told his father what had happened and if he could put crickets into the hole so that Cliff could have food, but his father refused. Dennis was very sad.

    You think that would end are story, but I promised to have it be about unlocking mysterious and secret things, so I shall try to hold up to this. Is it not reasonable to assume that human behavior is infinitely complex and varies greatly by a person individual experiences, and that they might be more likely to be filled and made almost solely by our memories, as hoarding as they are; and thatís not to mention the slap on the *** by the doctor when first coming into the world? Yes. Underneath all things is an unknown mechanism, human love is undying light, and indifference and hate as vast as legions of the densest mass. But thought itself bares us on even through the greatest of suffering till we neither need, want, or desire, but simply are. Why was Cliff so hell bent on the darkness? How did he know he could escape the sniveling brat? How did he know it was freedom? Perhaps it is in similar circumstances that we will all find ourselves one day somehow, who knows? Yes. Who? Will Cliff one day have Dennis on his course paw trying to find light, until Cliff is calm and has peace with Dennis. Yes, peace and all quite and stories ended.
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