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Thread: Help: "the best of school" poem

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    Help: "the best of school" poem

    The Best of School

    The blinds are drawn because of the sun.
    And the boys and the room in a colourless gloom
    Of underwater float: bright ripples run
    Across the walls as the blinds are blown
    To let the sunlight in: and I, As I sit on the shores of the class, alone,
    Watch the boys in their summer blouses
    As they write, their round heads busily bowed:
    And one after another rouses
    His face to look at me
    To ponder very quietly
    As seeing, he does not see.

    And then he turns again, with a little, glad
    Glad thrill of his work he turns again from me
    Having found what he wanted, having got what was to be had

    And very sweet it is, while the sunlight waves
    In the ripening morning, to sit alone with the class
    And feel the stream of awakening ripple and pass
    From me to the boys, whose brightening souls it laves
    For this little hour.

    I'm suppose to write a critical commentary on the poem but really have no idea what to talk about. I dont really get the idea of the sea side too... and why the teacher is so pleased. We just read the "last Lesson of the Afternoon" poem and its so different from this poem. I'm suppose to give a brief contrast description of the 2 poems too.

    Would you care to offer your thoughts on this poem? thanks

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    the second stanza and onwards, I have that same poem except mine goes like this:

    With glee he turns, with a little glad
    Ecstasy of work he turns from me
    An ecstasy surely sweet to be had.

    And very sweet while the sunlight waves
    In the fresh of the morning, it is to be
    A teacher of these young boys, my slaves
    Only as swallows are slaves to the eaves
    To the man who threshes and sows the sheaves

    and I have 3 more paragraphs after that. This is the same poem, weird.
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