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Thread: trying to remember story name & author

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    trying to remember story name & author

    Hi. I was searching for some info this morning and came across this website. Hoping someone here may know...I read a short story in college. I only remember a little of it, but there was a man walking along a path w/ some kind of "tour group". He was instructed specifically not to touch anything he saw, but I believe he reached out and touched a butterfly. I think at the moment he did this, someone he cared about died. Does any of this sound familiar? Should I be posting in another forum?


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    This reminds us of a Bradbury's short story "A Sound of Thunder"
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    i think that's it

    Thanks! I think that's the one. I pulled it up and did a quick scan. I'll read more thoroughly, and see if it will jog my memory. Thanks for your post.

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