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Thread: Am I missing something?

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    Am I missing something?

    I joined this forum a couple of days ago but am hopelessly confused. Never come across a site so vast, where it's so difficult to find anything. I don't seem to have a home page that offers access to all forums at a glance, and so am clicking at random to try and find and check own posts to see if anyone's replied, or to find forums I'd like to read. Have I missed something obvious on how this site works? I'm starting to think it takes so very long to track down a passing comment - I'd rather spend the time writing!
    Does anyone have any hints or know of a scaled down writers site that might be more appropriate for someone not so skilled at surfing complex sites?

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    There are two "main" areas of the site
    That is the link to the Forums Index, or, main page where you can see an overview of all forums and links to them. The "General Writing", "Short Story Sharing", and "Personal Poetry" sections are for members who want to discuss their own writing.
    That is a link to the Author Index of etexts.

    If you click on your name beside a post it will take you to your Profile (also linked below) where you can click the link to all of your posts:

    Hope that helps and welcome to LitNet!
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    also, if you click notification underneath the post box, you'll be notified when someone replies to your post. I get around 50 if not more notices a day!
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