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Thread: Driving me home

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    Unhappy Driving me home

    The darkness of the night was upon us
    I clasped your hand
    determined never to let it go
    the moon shone bright above our heads
    shielding us from paths unknown.
    I followed you with no questions asked
    left behind my morals, my sanity
    simply for this one incredible moment.
    Your eyes shone like diamonds
    and when I turned to face you
    I was swept under like a tidal wave.
    There was no turning back, was there?
    After hiding it for all these months
    the secret that I had kept so safe
    was now being told upon your soft lips.
    It was too late for regrets
    too late to pull out of your embrace
    I was a victim once again to your spell
    and for once, my heart didn't care.

    When the morning sun beamed through the window
    I looked in awe at you sleeping soundly next to me
    Could it be that this actually happened to me?
    Could it be that we'd have another chance?
    Silently I scolded myself for thinking ahead
    that a person like you never does.
    My heart sat there in quiet anticipation
    as you slowly opened up your eyes
    but in them, I didn't find what I was looking for.
    They were hard and your tone was cold
    and I bit my lip to keep from crying out
    On the drive home we both were silent
    but I knew what you were thinking
    you didn't even have to say it
    but I knew.

    You kept trying to fill in the gaps
    trying to console me without saying the words
    you rambled on and on about our friendship
    about what great it was to have someone like me.
    My hands clutched my seatbelt tighter
    as I looked out the window, staring into space
    I knew if I was to open my mouth, I'd lose it
    and I didn't want you to know that I was weak.
    When we reached my house, I was numb
    too numb to tell you how I felt.
    Your arms reached around me for a brotherly hug
    and hot tears stung my eyes...
    last night it wasn't like this.
    last night you looked at me like I was your everything.
    And deep inside me, I knew that I was used
    even if all we did was share a few kisses
    even if all we did was touch.
    It kills me to know thats all we'll ever have
    this one last final drive to my home.
    They tell you what you need to know
    they tell you who you need to be.

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    I like it. Seems most folk around dislike reading long drawn out poetry like this, but since I write like this anyways, gave it a shot.

    The whole intertwined plot/thought was a nice conscious prose to work in. I liked the metaphors in relation to being kept in love for those who couldn't return it. The ending was well portrayed, I am assuming a biographical sense to this thing. You certainly captured the moment well in a reflection of thoughts and that is something I've grown to appreciate in poetry.

    Fine work there, keep it up I suppose. Good individual style.
    To think is to blog is to distract is to stop is to destroy is to die is to think therefore I am not good enough

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    I really enjoyed the read, great writing.

    Take care...........Sue

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