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Thread: Poems Inspired by the Romantics

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    Cool Tornado

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    Failure By Yourself...

    I'm sorry,
    I have nothing to say,
    I'm sorry, there isn't a thing I can do.
    I feel just like a chip on your shoulder,
    a little rock on the ground that you kick.

    My life now,
    its a relay of scribbled messages that I don't understand.
    I catch one that I didn't want,
    I crack open the door to hear what you two are saying...

    I hear something I never wanted to....
    Its like a needle to the heart.
    I shut the door not wanting to hear anymore,
    but it echos in my head.
    The words I just heard seem like their trapped inside
    and shouting to get out but I won't let them.
    I slam myself onto the bed in disbelief, believing this didn't happen,
    I don't want it to be true. Only if I had you here with me,
    I had you so much closer to help me through this...
    but you seem so far away.
    This is my failure...this is all by myself as I lay alone,
    as I am passed away,
    waiting for these coffin doors to close and
    for me to be layed into the ground is what I feel like....

    Hours later I wake up looking around confused.
    Your both there but you act like nothing has happened.
    I watch you two and smile acting like
    I have heard nothing and let the future bring the sorrow...

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    "Don't let the world deceive you
    Don't let their words betray you
    Don't let their lies deceive you
    Lead them to their graves

    We will not die this way
    Death claims us no more
    Do not grief, end the suffering
    We will live, live eternal..."

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    i remember

    hiding in the small dark closet
    fear fills the air
    clutching the blanket close
    comfort finds a place

    ears aching hard
    fingers holding tight
    pressing even harder
    does the screaming ever stop

    in the small dark closet
    time truly passes slowly

    tears full of sorrow
    spilling from her face
    whispering as light rain
    in the silence of the pain

    longing for daybreak
    weary with tension
    her little body tires

    moments of peace
    fluttering round about
    as quiet idyll feathers
    floating asleep in the air

    eyelids growing heavy
    eyes slowly close
    slumber eases all
    in the small dark night

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    monster under the bed

    Monster, monster under the bed!
    Don't look down they bite off your head!
    In the day they go away, but at night they give me a fright.
    Monster Monster maybe next time your scariness won't scare me and I'll be fine.

    Monster, monster under my bed.
    Monster, monster go away
    Monster, monster big darker and scary
    Monster monster all fat and hair
    You don't scare me, but i will scare you

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    Childhood Innocence

    Childhood Innocence

    As children we start out innocent
    with nothing to lose
    our life, our path,
    its ours to choose
    no cares in the world
    light up shoes
    so eager to awake
    we know no snooze
    there is no MTV, no TRL,
    only blues Clues

    We wake up one morning and its all new
    people to listen to, a change in views
    from our parents we escape,
    our innocence starts to diffuse
    Its at this point that our inner child,
    starts to confuse
    You now have friends,
    its them you amuse
    so many things to worry about
    sweet new tattoos
    it is now you start to understand
    that childhood innocence is nothing to abuse

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