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Thread: What has literature in store for you?

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    What has literature in store for you?

    Literature is what life is in reflection and image, to see it? When you want to see yourself you need a medium, and that is a mirror. So is literature. What undergoes a man, his joys, his pains, his understanding and misunderstanding of everything. His conflict with nature, with humanbeings and with himslef is mirrored thru literature.

    Literature is an imitation of not just nature as Aristotle said, but of life. If it is good it amalgomates multiaspects of life or it mirrors everything man undergoes in life.

    One of the attributes that gives literature something of life or vitalizes it-it is honesty. a writer must be homest. Literature is very powerful. Some people take it as a means of entertainment and do not give a hoot whether it impacts the reader.

    Literature will be subjected to a variety of guilts, and in essence people may go corrupted if he falls vicitim to a bad piece of literature, for instance pornography is also a form of literature, and see the way it corrupts the young and vulnerable mind.

    There are mystic forms of literature. It recounts the mystic aspect of life and it fuels our mental faculties andtakes us higher in flights of imagination.

    spiriotual literature is something that tires to link us with the creater of this universe.

    Onething the writer must answer for is what happens to a reader when he reads his piece of art. he can deride or derail him and plung him in a state of predicament.while literature is an imitation of life, and man mimics literature and tries to influecne him and if it is a bad piece it will certainly leads to erosion.

    One must therefore choose a good piece of literature.

    while one is free to write the way he chooses, yet he must shoulder moral responsibility the way it impacts him

    Please share your ideas.

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    As far as I can understand this post with my bad english, I think it's a great one.

    For me Dostoyevsky's "Notes from the Underground" are a very true and also terrifying look into the mirror.
    And Proust's "In Searching For Lost Time" can substitute a whole study in psychology.
    Thoreau's "Walden" can make life worth living.

    Books can have a great influence on human beings, but I don't know, wether a writer must have moral responsibilty. Sometimes people have to be shocked, so that they can see the truth? And maybe they should have the possibility to choose for their own, what's right or wrong.

    So, I hope I could contribute some useful thoughts.


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