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Thread: i m start reading but can't understand its 2 hard plz help me.....

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    i m start reading but can't understand its 2 hard plz help me.....

    help me in characters...i want 2 know the relation of all character from eliot....n what's the relation of all charater between them plzzzzzzzzz help me....

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    Now that would be telling it, wouldnt it?
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    hello farah I havent actually read it myself but it has been read by the book club
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    hi thx but i mean 2 say..........

    like MAGGI TULLIVER N TULLIVER both r husband n wife???
    who is dotson,tom,lucy deane,deane?? means da relation from author then da relation wid tulliver n her wife??
    i wanna know abt character relation b/w all.........?

    plz send me ur hotmail id??can v talk online

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