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    Talking hi

    hi everybody,i have just entered in this great site. i want you to help me in doing my research which is about mowgli in the Jungel Book by Kipling. first do think is it an intersing topic?

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    To Gyazali

    Hi, it may be of interest for you, that I am currently writing a continuation of the jungle-book, both in my native German and in English. Currently I call it "The Third Junglebook". I have started with it more than 25 years ago before doing my 8 months at the army, but left it for a longer while later on before rediscovering it around three years ago. Since then I am writing very regularly, as much as my job-commitment allows. The German text has currently 412 big pages already, much more than both of Kipling's originals together. With the translation I am at page 268 in the meantime. It may not follow the views of Kipling altogether, but more modern ones instead, but I think the spirit is still the same. The book is far from finished, because I have ideas for at least another 2000 pages, so it will still take a couple of years to finish it. But if anybody would like to read the current manuscript he/she should just send me an email. I never thought commercially about it, it's just some philosophy, thoughts and views brought to paper. I have read Kipling's original a few hundred times as a teenager and it has never left me since.

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