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Thread: Opening a bookstore - Looking for advice

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    Opening a bookstore - Looking for advice

    I am planning on opening a bookstore (books and other things), and I am looking for advice from people who are knowledgeable about the field.
    I am not looking for advice on whether or not I should do it, or what books to carry.
    I already know what I am specializing in.
    Yes, I know that used bookstores always lose money and Iíll never make a living at it and so forth.
    I know that John Grisham, Steven King and Harry Potter would be my bread and butter.
    I am not looking for fatherly advice on how I should run a store Ė I am looking for logistical advice on how I get it running.

    How do I stock my shelves?
    How do I get books from distributors?
    Do they offer consignment or credit to new books stores, or will it have to come out of my pocket?
    How do I even find distributors?

    I am looking for a good source of information (book, website, seminar etc) that will get me started on the right foot.

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    errm well I know of people who buy cheaply in bulk from charity shops, we have a used book man who does that, and ex-library stock is always dirt cheap too.
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    Put a notice in your local paper asking for used and old books needed. could work. As for suppliers of new books i think you have to set up an account with them. not sure... would have to ask the bookmanager in work.
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