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Thread: book versus poem

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    Thumbs up book versus poem

    assign a book you have read a poem you make here.

    here is one I made earlier

    Jane Eyre

    against the moors that
    love traverses dales
    to the peaks of hail
    to overcome
    pain and
    reinstate sane
    it is thus
    wilderness poors
    to happiness cures
    a journey of sures

    over to you
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    it may never try
    but when it does it sigh
    it is just that
    it fly

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    The novel Basti, by Intizar Hussein:

    The partition
    Birth and mutilation
    Refuge in the west!
    Struggle, kindness, cramped, optimism
    Where now Pakistan? Again we go
    Bangladesh, birth and mutilation, rape and execution
    The mice have moved on, everyone is different, again,
    My other half, I feel her but never touched her, in India she works

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    Studies in Causation:

    Studies in Causation:
    An as yet unpublished novel by me

    Where It is all Maya. Unclassified:
    Confession to Mary, who is
    Selling and banking into the future Banking
    And Coronavirus completes the scene.
    Diamonds, duplication,Tartessian
    Gold in Custody of a Separate
    Reality with Paradoxical son,
    And equally unlikely Grandfather.
    Which all led to the Assassination
    Of JFK, but not by a Phantom.
    Creating a High Tech Powerhouse, then
    Murder by Le Petit Rhone, which
    Led to the Really Great Pandemic.
    That required Rebuilding the World
    Struldbrugs were despoiled then Bugging Out
    To Terraformed Planet, but thatís not New Earth.

    Tamen Shud

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