There was an old woman
In the night, day she was crying
Continually shedding her tears
Splashing like a spring.

Home you designate is only a room
How can we live in there?
Always have soap in the mourning and evening
Troubles are waiting for their turn.

One day a man arrived at there
Gave greeting with the woman
“I purchased this place
Make it emptied” he said.

“Woe to my aggrieved head
My tears never stopped shedding
Where can l go to
Have no stone already erected, too.”

“You are existing today, tomorrow you are absent
Have a habitation for yourself;
You assemble your bed
on the land over there…”

“Heavens! Is it acceptable, my son,
To hit a kick to who fallen down?
Don’t make, don’t act,
Is it possible to stay in the street?”

Day turned, tomorrow arrived
She moved from her room
Her friend in the night
Was moon and star…