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    SoloMon Between The Mirrors

    Solomon Between The Mirrors
    WGA Registration Number: 1180132

    Written By: Giorgio Martoni

    Chapter 1

    Solving the endless puzzles of life, Infinite times. The universe has all of Eternity
    Thus makes the inevitable life, A thing Of definite, Possibility

    (A Fighting chance)

    Solomon entered life, A month too Soon
    On the 30th day, In the month of June
    Having been, A little to sick. To care For
    His parents, Did not want, Him Anymore
    Three years pass, With a tube he is Fed
    Looking through the tent, Around his Bed
    Familiar Faces, A slight, Blur
    And a toy, In the distance, For his hands to Lure
    Trying to reach, A little gray Car
    Elizabeth reminds him, That he can't move that Far
    He cried, To get his Way
    But it landed, On deaf ears, As they Say
    His Strength, He must, Renew
    Because there are, Still things, He must Do

    (Solomon Versus Russ Jr. The Bully)

    Time went by, Until one Day
    A bully imagined, A trick to Play
    He dug a hole, A few feet, Below
    A spot just for, Solomon to Go
    Making it a game, To stand in the Pit
    Buried up to the neck, Solomon would Sit
    Time progressed, All Alone
    Until a fantasy Creature, Was Shown

    Page 1

    Friendship he Reserved, For the 4 year old Lad
    Until he was exhumed, By Russ Jr's Dad
    What goes around, Comes around. Is what they Say
    So now it's Russ Jr's turn, To Pay
    As he walks home, To his Dismay
    He spots, The bully Russ Jr, Along the Way
    Solomon try's to avoid him, But gets chased, Across the Street
    Making it ahead, Of a car, By just, A few Feet
    Unfortunately for Russ Jr, He did not make it Past
    Sitting home, All alone, He wears a silly Cast

    (First Day of School)

    Off to school, For the very first Day
    Solomon's mind starts, To wander off, & Stray
    The teacher tries, To grab his Awareness
    But nothing she asserts, Is of any Interest
    After he provides the carpet, Bubble gum. To Taste
    The teacher sends him home, With a paper sad Face


    Days pass by, Until one Night
    Solomon awakes, To see a terrible Sight
    It's Frankenstein, At his bedroom Door
    Too terrified, To stay conscious, He rolls over onto the Floor

    Page 2

    (See-Through Santa Claus)

    December arrives, & gifts will soon be Here
    A snow man is built, To capture the holiday Cheer
    A fine top hat, With a carrot Nose
    Two sticks for arms, & eyes made from Oreos
    Awakened by, A stir in the Night
    Solomon becomes an observer, To a bizarre Sight
    A translucent Santa, Shifting gifts About
    In his mind, There was little Doubt
    After being noticed, The jolly man hops into his Sleigh
    Outside the window, He's seen flying Away

    (String Strung Room)

    A knot tied here, Another one over There
    A web of string, Solomon ties Everywhere
    It's his favorite thing, To do
    Hours go by, & new patterns Ensue

    (Tit For Tat)

    The light creeps in, As the sun starts to Rise
    Solomon notices makeup, All over himself, As he opens his Eyes
    When he slept, His step sister Clara had colored his Face
    For payback he acquires a mousetrap, From it's usual Place
    Picking up the trap, With the mouse that was Dead
    He hurls it onto, His step sisters Bed

    Page 3

    Chapter 2

    Energy is forever. Mixed with matter, It becomes a thing of Time
    Constantly being transferred, Expanding the room, From Behind
    Moving it efficiently, Keeps the singularity Away
    Giving life, A little bit longer to Play

    (A New Town)

    They move to a new town, With many Hills
    Far away from jersey, & the snow that Chills
    At 6 years old, Solomon becomes a more creative Thinker
    Lots of new ideas, For his hands to Tinker
    With a skateboard, & some scraps of Wood
    Solomon fashions an airplane, The best that he Could
    Hopping on board, Down the hill, He Goes
    Enjoying himself, As he reaps, What he Sows

    (A New Friend)

    Venturing out, From the desert castle of Show
    He meets a new friend, Named Shelco
    One day as they play, With a golf club & Ball
    One would swing, & the other would Fall

    Page 4

    A whoosh & a smack, To the forehead it Struck
    He tries to stop the bleeding, With not very much Luck
    They run to Shelco's father, To get FirstAid
    Solomon is told, To clean up the blood, Before he can have a Bandaid
    The boys played, Outside a grocery Store
    A Lamborghini Countach drove by, With a load Roar
    Being Such a neat sight, Solomon knew, He'd have one Someday
    But all Shelco noticed, Was how the paint, Had faded Away

    (The Desert)

    Playing in the desert alone, Solomon loved to Choose
    So much so, That he did not need any Shoes
    He would make things, Out of the Desert Land
    So much to do, In a place, With mostly Sand

    (Lambo Dream)

    One day, Solomon had a lucid Dream
    Which looked more like, A movie Scene
    The countach, Moved into the Sunset real Slow
    As the picture zoomed out of the desert, To end the dream Show
    The credits rolled, With Names Fictitious
    As music played to the lyrics, Life can be so Superstitious
    Solomon awoke, From his long Nap
    to see a transparent, Brown dog, On his Lap

    (Show & Tell)

    The next day, for show & Tell
    A popcorn popper, Bolted to a helmet Shell

    Page 5

    Wearing it in front, Of the 2nd Grade
    All the kids laughed, At what Solomon had Made
    Except for one girl, Who thought it looked Cool
    They became best of friends, Solomon & Nicole

    (Solomon Meets His Father)

    After meeting his Father, For the first Time
    Joseph says, They'll set up a tent at Nine
    A backyard camp, Just father & Son
    But he didn't come back, He had to Run
    Away back east, & a bottle to escape Life
    He wanders into a empty building, Alone in Strife
    Drunk & cold, He tries to keep Warm
    Inside & away, From the Storm
    Sirens he hears, Off in the Distance
    So he douses the fire, Because of paranoia's Insistence
    Joseph leaves the Abandoned building, To take a nap on some Tracks
    The train hits, & his skull Cracks

    Chapter 3

    When energy becomes, Directed
    By the mind, With a goal Accepted
    Only necessary tasks, Stand in the Way
    To hinder the less determined, From enjoying the fruits some Day
    Anything asked for is Given
    & Nothing desired is Withheld

    Page 6

    (Summer Camp)

    At 8 years old, Solomon begins to think, Outside the Box
    Seeing patterns & possibilities, The keys to life's Locks
    He takes apart everything, To see what makes it Tick
    Gadgets & gizmos, So many to choose from & Pick
    In the summer, Solomon arrives at Camp
    Walking into the forest alone, Where it's dark & Damp
    Hours pass, As he makes his way, Through the Trees
    There's something, Frightening up ahead, That he See's
    A black panther, Only ten feet Away
    After Glancing into his eyes, Solomon decides not to Stay
    Solomon runs & hops over a Fence
    Surviving without a scratch, & just a little bit Tense

    (Playing On The Swings)

    Before school, Solomon plays on the Swings
    To see how high he can jump, Without having Wings
    They all swing, To & Fro
    Making comments, As the Go
    Get out of my toilet bowl, One States
    Quit riding my coat tails, Solomon Relates

    (Solomon & his Step Father)

    Solomon liked, To ask questions A Lot
    But there was very little, That he was Taught
    He asks his step father questions, & Hopes for Better
    But all he declares is that, Why is a crooked Letter

    Page 7

    (School Ends For Good)

    4th is the last grade, Solomon Completes
    The need for school, His mind Defeats
    The bell rings, & it's time to Leave
    A million thoughts that day, But nothing he did Achieve
    Summer begins, With the promise of much fun, To be Unfurled
    But for Solomon, There is a debt to paid, For wanting the World

    (Electrocuted by A Paint Compressor)

    Shocked & paralyzed, To Solomon's Dismay
    The 3rd time, Before 9, Solomon must be taken Away
    Now he'll live, On the streets & In the Shelters
    A better place, Says the government Helpers

    Chapter 4

    An infinite interpretations, To be Tried
    Experiences in life, Cannot be Denied
    In the end, Life is Truth
    & all the answers, Are there as Proof

    (Street Lessons)

    A few years go by, & to the streets, Solomon has Turned
    For a few of life's lessons, To be Learned
    Having been, Jumped into a gang, Solomon must earn Respect
    Causing mischief & mayhem, Is what You would Expect
    Graffiti & Fighting, A daily Routine
    Just necessary steps, So variety, Can be Seen
    Back to the shelters, Solomon Goes
    To waste more time, As he Grows
    So much useful knowledge, Could have been Gained
    But then again, The system, Could have kept him Chained

    Page 8

    (Apache Reservation)

    Carlos, Wanted to get back Home
    He needed some help, So he would not just Roam
    They head out on the highway, That runs through the desert Terrain
    Days go by, Without a single drop of Rain
    Lips dry, Cracked & Bleeding
    Stomach aches, Composure Fleeting
    Walking just as far, As they Could
    No car to stop, They wished one Would
    Sitting under, The desert Sun
    They want to cry, But no tears Run
    Out of nowhere, A vehicle pulls to the Side
    A nice women with water, Takes them for a Ride
    Dropped off a short distance, From their Destination
    Time for rest, & Relaxation
    Then they go, The rest of the Way
    To the reservation home, They Stay
    Treated like family, For being a good Friend
    Anything he needed, They would gladly Lend
    Popovers turn into, Solomon's favorite Treat
    A flaky crust, With honey that's Sweet
    Many days spent, At the Lake
    A place to swim, & take A Break
    But like all good things, It came to an End
    The system wanted them back, & to that they would not Bend
    Picked up, While having Fun
    Their sent back, to the place, They ran From

    Page 9

    (City Streets)

    Time goes by, & Solomon gets moved Around
    Another occasion, To the streets He is Bound
    Solomon & Ricardo, From the shelter they run Away
    To live where they want, & go where they May

    Chapter 5

    How much more is the mind, From the knowledge it Created
    Ones own impressions, & beliefs, Can easily be Debated

    (Back Home)

    Turning 16, Solomon calls Elizabeth, on the Phone
    & She says, He can now come Home
    With a roof over his head, To the books Solomon Goes
    Because science is the life, That he has Chose

    (Patterns From Possibilities)

    Solomon lays on his bed, With fixed eyes, At the Ceiling
    His favorite pastime, contented he is Feeling
    Projecting images, With his Thoughts
    Solomon connects the Dots
    A room full of faces, But nobodies There
    Just walls & a ceiling, With people that Stare

    Page 10


    Patterns from Possibilities, His natural Ability
    He passes the G.E.D test, In the school Facility
    A 4th grade education, It takes him, Only one Try
    Solomon figured out, The math symbols, On the Fly

    (First Marketable Product)

    A new way, To take the top, Off a Can
    So the lid, Would not cut the Hand
    Opening from, The top side Around
    It was brought, To a company in Town
    Patent & Market, They would do for Cash
    Solomon had no money, So it went in the Trash
    Years later, He would see the product, On TV
    & wonder if those people, Had profited from Dishonesty

    (16 & First Genuine Job)

    Solomon's first job, Is at a Grocery Store
    He does Menial tasks, Such as Mop the Floor
    He gets paid enough, To wet his Beak
    Unfortunately, It only lasts a Week
    Just one out of 42, That Solomon would lose, Before 25
    A Fitting tribute, To the mind, That was so Alive
    He'd try to Concentrate, On the tasks, That were Given
    But his mind would race, With possibilities, That would not let Him
    Imagining, The best way, To start or Finish
    The hopes of completing, With perfection, Would Diminish

    Page 11

    (Desert Adventure)

    Solomon at 17, Fills a backpack with Gear
    And goes out to the desert, Without Fear
    To live on the land, & get rid of Thought
    But there's nowhere to go, A lesson Solomon is Taught
    Because all, Of the land, Is now Owned
    & only short durations, To the pieces, That are Loaned

    (Missouri Wilderness)

    The birds, & The Bees, Become a Chorus
    As Solomon sets up camp, In the Forest
    Bringing no food or Water & only a Tent
    Solomon's happy, To just waste away, While his life is Spent
    Thoughts of possibilities, Fade quickly & Fall
    A peace Solomon hasn't felt, Since before, He asked for it All

    (Back To The City)

    Solomon gets a job, At a big department Store
    After paying his bills, He's left, With a scantily Score
    Tesla coils, Vandegraafs & Pulse motors, Decorate his Home
    Just a few, Of the many projects, Solomon builds while Alone

    Chapter 6

    Variety & Complexity, Makes life, Interesting & Fun
    It would be so dull, If based on, The measured beliefs & Impressions, Of just One

    (Back In Arizona)

    A new apartment, 2nd from the Top
    & a new job, At a electronic Shop
    Needing transportation, Solomon builds a Motorbike
    In which, There is none other Like

    Page 12

    (Solomon Could Fix Anything)

    Everything he touched, Turned to gold, As it Were
    His employer commented, & in that he was Sure
    From cars to computers & electronics to machines Mechanical
    Solomon could repair anything, That was MalFunctional

    (Mountain Park)

    Solomon would go hiking, Almost Everyday
    To clear his mind, & get Away

    (Home Made Motorized Bicycles)

    Eventually he built, More than 12 motorbikes. In many different configurations & Styles
    Even one with a solar powered hydrogen generator, That would travel .5 Miles

    (Solomon Studies Science)

    Wanting to do, So much More
    Solomon researched Theories to Equations & Science Galore
    Quantum mechanics, Special relativity & String Theory, To name a Few
    Would all be necessary, For later projects, Solomon would Do

    (Electrolyzer Type Hydrogen Generator, With Reverse Polarity Timer Circuit)

    A Canadian company wanted his design, & asked Solomon to a conference
    Instead he simply, Sent them the schematics free, With no need to Recompense

    (Energy Efficiency)

    Energy efficiency to Solomon, Had much Appeal
    So he built, Stirling engines & A Minto Wheel

    (Toyota Car With A Pulse Motor)

    Solomon pulled a engine, Out of, A 89 Toyota Tercel
    In it's place He fashioned, A pulse motor, That worked Well
    All night the rotors, Would build up Insistence
    & In the morning. The car would move, About a miles Distance

    Page 13

    (Project Hz In The Gamma Ray Region)

    A long copper pipe, With a freely moving magnet, At its Interior
    & 100 Trifiler wound electromagnets, Spaced 4 per Sector

    Chapter 7

    Life is made, From stardust. As a result, They act Similar
    Acquiring to Accumulate & Dividing to, Achieve it much Further

    (Genetic Engineering)

    Genetic engineering, Becomes his new Passion
    To modify life & Change it's Fashion
    Solomon studies everything, He can find. On Microbiology
    & Sets up, A fine Laboratory

    (Invented 30 Things In 2 weeks & A Provisional Patent For One)

    After a search, Solomon found that most, Had been Patented Prior
    Except for one, Called the HydroMassager
    A suction cup, Attached to a single water jet, Connected to a diverter Hub
    Makes a Jacuzzi, Out of a Bathtub

    (Solomon Converts A Bus Into A Motorhome)

    Solomon converted a bus, Into a Motorhome
    In it he would live, For a little while & Roam
    Solomon found that, There was nowhere, To Park
    When he got tired, At Dark
    Solomon buys a motorcycle & Gets rid of the bus Headache
    Cheaper on gas & A lot less to Take

    Page 14

    (A Desert National Forest)

    Solomon walks deep into, The desert Terrain
    With A growl, In his stomach, He cannot Tame
    Water he collects, Through Transpiration
    Not nearly enough, For a long Duration

    (Motorcycle Trip)

    Solomon drives up, California's Coast
    Where the road, Is not much to Boast
    A gap here, A Crack There
    Solomon's bike Swerves, Everywhere

    (Apartment Maintenance Man)

    Solomon sells his Motorcycle & Gets a apartment, To live Inside
    Nowhere to go, & Nothing to Ride
    There Solomon becomes, A maintenance Man
    Until he makes a Motorhome, Out of a Van

    (Road Trip To Florida)

    On a summer morning, Solomon flips a Quarter
    Either the Florida keys, Or across the Border
    Getting the same side, For the 3rd Time
    He takes it, As a Sign
    Solomon arrives there, During hurricane Season
    & doesn't stick around, For that Reason
    Down the Florida coast, Trees had fallen Everywhere
    Even the buildings & Homes Got their Share
    The earth needed, To cool itself. From all the extra Heat
    A billion inefficient Combustion engines, To accomplish that Feat
    Down the coast Solomon goes, To stop at the Beach
    While playing, His guitar at night, he is Beseeched

    Page 15

    Five people without a ride, Walked Near
    They needed, To get to a party with Beer
    Loud music & Alcoholic Drinks
    An attractive women Winks
    Curious about, The western looking Solomon, Dressed out of Place
    Conversation ensues, Then each others lips they Taste
    In the morning, Solomon heads down, To the Keys
    & There's nowhere to park, He Sees
    So it's back to Arizona, To live in the Van
    A year goes by, As he becomes a Man

    Chapter 8

    To those that have Much, To them a great deal is given & A lot they must Pay
    They that have little, What little they have, Is taken Away

    (Keep Moving)

    The van rocks, Forth & Back
    Solomon awakes to almost, Have a heart Attack
    A light meant, For his eyes to Sear
    The officers tell him, To get away from Here
    Every night, Solomon has to find, A new spot to Park
    After a year, There's not many places Left, For him at Dark

    (Desert Mountains)

    Solomon goes on a camping trip, That's adventures & Bold
    40 miles he'll walk, In search of Gold
    Dressed in khaki Levi jeans, A cowboy hat & A dark brown duck Jacket
    Any unnecessary gear, Solomon did not pack It
    All he brought, Was a Tesoro lobo & Some Water
    On that day, It couldn't have gotten, Any Hotter
    Arriving at the mountain. As the sun, Starts to Set
    Solomon lost half of his water. Not having been there, A day Yet

    Page 16

    In the distance, He sees a group of Sheep
    Down below a canyon, That is Steep
    Almost at the top, Solomon finds a place, To camp for the Night
    3 boulders, That make a cave. It was just Right
    Across the Mountain, Shadows get cast, From the full Moon
    To reveal Rocks that look like, Ancient Ruins
    Inside the cave, He builds a Fire
    It burns up to quick. So to get more wood, Becomes his Desire
    Outside he sees a mountain lion, Across the Expanse
    Looking transversely, Almost in a Trance
    While gathering wood, The lion starts, To head his Way
    So Solomon hurried back into, The cave to Stay
    The reflection of the fire, Inhibits his vision, Out of the Cave
    Solomon runs out of wood again, So he must be Brave
    The lion is back far away, Resting on a Rock
    Then it moves closer, As Solomon builds, His wood pile Stock
    Heading back into, The cave Again
    Solomon waits as long, As he Can
    With no sleep & Skin smoked Black
    Solomon decides, To head Back
    On his way down, Solomon twists his Leg
    Now whether he will make it, Or not. Becomes Vague
    He gets up & Keeps on Walking
    Every step, A hurt quite Shocking
    Solomon makes it back, To his van. In terrible Pain
    Underneath his boots, Reveals socks, With a blood Stain
    Trying to sleep, But the hurt. Won't go Away
    Healing & Resting, In his van. Solomon will Stay

    Page 17

    (Road Trip To California)

    Driving west, Solomon catches a Flu
    And there's nowhere to park, In this place that he is New
    Solomon purchases some supplies, In the Afternoon
    While putting things away, In his van. He plans on leaving Soon
    Not 5 minutes later & There's a knock, At his Door
    A belligerent security officer, Does not want Solomon, There Anymore

    (Uncle Hawkeye)

    Solomon's phone rings & His uncle invites him, Up North
    A place to stay, Where he won't, Have to move, Back & Forth
    A small home & 2 dogs, Hawkeye is content & Free
    Solomon arrived & Each other, They were happy to See
    They explore the desert, Enjoying mother Nature
    An eye to the ground, They search for Treasure
    Invited to dinner. His marine uncle, Has a cooking Mission
    As he prepares he sings, Momma's in the Kitchen
    A lip smacking, Tastetastic Meal
    To them all, It had much Appeal
    Like most good things, It came to an End
    A small vacation, To heal & Mend

    (Florida Keys Mangroves)

    Solomon sells his van, To go live in, The Mangroves
    So he hops on a bus & Away he Goes
    After buying some beer, At a convenience Store
    He walks down to a boat ramp, Near the Shore
    He meets a new friend named Lueboca, Who plays a guitar & Sings
    They talk for awhile, About many Things
    Seeing that Solomon, Has a good Heart
    Lueboca invites him to his house boat, Just after Dark

    Page 18

    As they sing, To the guitar & Drink Beer
    Hours go by, As the dawn, Draws Near
    Fighter jets, Cross the crystal blue sky, In the Morning
    The Boat sits in translucent turquoise water, Tied up to a Mooring
    Goodbye's are said as Solomon leaves, To live in the Mangroves
    & Then it's back to Arizona. He Goes

    Chapter 9

    A curiously acquired target. Gives parameters. To random Chaos & Confusion
    Possibilities calculated & instructions defined, Under Delusion
    With an energy efficient, Path Desired
    A demonstration of probability, Is Admired

    (Desert Oasis)

    Walking in the desert. Lips dry & The mind Fleeting
    Because of the sun, Burning & Badly Treating
    Asking himself, If this is it. After all that He, Has been Through
    Not having seen half of it, There is more, Solomon must Do
    On the road Solomon is picked up. By two lesbian Women
    Who were on their way, To go tubing & Swimming
    Later on that day, They watch a Movie
    & That's when things, Start to get Groovy
    In the morning, Solomon gets dropped off, In the City
    Happy as can be, He sings a little Ditty

    Page 19

    (Mustang Road Trip)

    While renting a room, Solomon buys a black 85 mustang. & makes it mean, As can Be
    Brushed house paint, Louvers, & limo tint. It was a sight to See
    After taking a road trip, To Mexico
    Solomon drives back & Sells the car, For some Dinero

    (Native American Spirit)

    One night, Solomon has a strange Dream
    Traveling back in time. Or so it, Would Seem
    As he's climbing a mountain, During the Night
    2 people from behind. Give him a direction that's more Right
    They drive him, To a bus stop & He gets out, To walk along a River
    With a full moon, To shine light. Down Hither
    Solomon stumbles on a ancient town. With huts made, Of petrified Wood
    Out in the water, A canoe drifts. Flouting rather Good
    In it sits a long dead Indian spirit. With x taped Eyes
    He says the city built on lantern oil, As his finger starts to Rise
    Solomon tells the spirit, That he is a good Man
    The spirit agrees & Sends Solomon, Across the Land
    He meets friends that have an infinity symbol, On the palm of their Hand
    They have a mission to live forever & Protect all life the best that they Can
    Solomon enters a hollowed out, Mountain Laboratory
    Lightning like discharges, A sight Extraordinary
    The occupant was an inventor. & Also the Leader of a desolated Planet
    After awaking Solomon realizes, That he just dream It

    (New Mexico)

    Solomon starts to research all religions. So he could try, To be Perfect
    Looking at available blueprints, As he decides, On one to be Picked
    After fasting 5 days, Solomon heads out in the desert. Far Away
    While praying for answers, He decides, Not to Stay

    Page 20

    Running out of water, Solomon makes it to the road & Walks towards Town
    Not much later, A truck pulls back Around
    A ride to a bus stop & Solomon heads back Home
    To prepare for, His next adventure. Waiting to be Shown

    Chapter 10

    Answers to reveal, More questions Unknown
    The more that one knows, The less to be Shown

    (14 Day Fast In Florida)

    After fasting ten days & Doing much Praying
    Solomon gets on a bus, To the keys & Stops Shaving
    Throwing out, Everything he had. Including his Shoes
    Trying to be perfect, As hunger Ensues
    Solomon spends a night, Sleeping under a large door mat. To keep Warm
    A place on top of which, people walk. When there's not a Storm
    On the 14th day, Not having had anything, To Eat
    A religious teacher, Solomon does Meet
    Hoping to get an excuse, So he could eat & Get Fat
    The religious man, Gave him just That
    he said the willingness, To give up everything, Is the Request
    & A 3 day fast, At Best

    Page 21

    Solomon was sent, On his way. To get something to Eat
    & 40 dollars, To get back, On his Feet
    Solomon heads south & Works Construction, To make Cash
    2 weeks go by & He has a, Nice little Stash
    Enough to buy a ship hull, To live In
    His old friend Lueboca, Makes the deal Happen
    Getting a better job, With better Pay
    For a man named Alan, Who had much to Say
    Talking about things, Of science & Intellect
    They worked on boats, That had been Wrecked
    Solomon worked as a cook, At Night
    The locals say, He make the chicken. Just Right
    After work, Solomon would fish. Mostly all Day
    Right there, On his boat. He'd Stay
    Now with, Nothing left. To Do
    The next adventure, Solomon must be Onto
    Solomon sells everything, He has & fly's away, From There
    To buy a motorcycle & Ride, With the wind. In his Hair

    Page 22

    (Oregan Wilderness)

    Up to Oregon Solomon goes, With a guitar on his back. He makes the long Trip
    Without, A fall. Or a Slip
    Wandering the forest, All day. To search for food, To Eat
    Solomon picks, Just enough to survive. As he walks, In his bare Feet
    At night, Solomon dreams. About the simple things. He did, During the Day
    He was so very happy there, But it was too boring to Stay

    Chapter 11

    Man does not have to suffer, It's not for which he was Meant
    He has permission to be himself, Until his life is Spent

    (Solomon Forgot Himself)

    After selling his motorcycle, Solomon rents a Studio apartment, In Town
    With no adventures, To go on at 24. He decides to, Settle Down
    A buddy of his, Invites him over. To try a pot Brownie
    Not having any, Self control. He ate a lot to Many
    Solomon's life, Becomes a memory now. He's forgotten, Who he Was
    The lesson, lasts one night. As Solomon becomes, A wandering Buzz
    The full moon, Puts his shadow, On the Ground
    But the mind, Only knows. To walking he is Bound
    Could this last, An eternity. Trying to accept it, As he Go
    Only a few hours, But it feels. Very much, More Slow

    Page 23

    Regrets of past imperfection, A destination through the City
    Praying for it all to end, But his mind shows no Pity
    The sun starts to rise & Solomon vaguely, Remembers his Home
    To a fleeting image, Goes the Gnome
    After a long nap, His mind gets itself. To Pace
    Solomon Swears, Never again. Not even a Taste

    (Caffeine Allergy)

    Two months pass & Its time to, Suffer something. Even Worse,
    5 caffeine pills, To stay awake. Becomes a 6 month Curse
    A feeling Solomon has not, Felt in awhile. Energy to get up, & Go
    Solomon rides his bicycle, As fast as he can. Until, He starts to Slow
    Solomon's heart starts to, Make a irregular Beat
    To scared to stay still, He's got to be, On his Feet
    Solomon goes to wait, Outside the emergency room, Just incase. He has a heart Attack
    An hour goes by, With nothing, So he decides, To head Back
    While trying, To go to sleep. Solomon's body gets cold, & Muscles start to Twitch
    He stops feeling his body & His heart, Turns off like, A Switch
    Solomon thought how, He failed to be perfect. & He much wanted, To do what, Was Right
    If he only knew, What it was. He'd do it, With all his Might
    Life goes back, Into his body. As perfection, His delusional mind. Thinks it Knows
    Jumping up from his bed, Solomon throws off, All his Clothes
    Running out into the city night. Solomon shouts, Christ has the tree of Life
    & those that eat of it. Will have eternal Life
    The thunder seems to flow, With his Speech
    Beckoning him, Into the city further, As far as he can Reach

    Page 24

    Solomon's sent, To the emergency Room
    Where they give him, A drug of Doom
    In the morning, They send him Home
    To heal & endure, On his Own
    Lock jaw sets in & his muscles, He can't Control
    For a week, On his bed. Solomon does toss & Roll
    For a month, Solomon suffers. Panic anxiety attacks. Trying to figure out, What was Wrong
    Eventually, He'd come to know. It had been, Caffeine all Along
    Eating right & keeping busy, All Day
    The symptoms, Finally went Away

    (Alaska Adventure)

    The last adventure that, Solomon will do for Sometime
    The Alaskan Arctic, To see the aurora Shine
    Solomon closes His eyes, As the sun Sets
    Again alone in torment, This time He Won't survive. He Bets
    The chill begins, With no relief in Sight
    A painful experience, That will last, An entire Night
    A relentless wind, Takes away his Thought
    Solomon wishes he could, Cry. As another lesson, He Is Taught
    Finally having had enough, Solomon heads back, To the lower 48
    To write (The Origin & Future Of Intelligence),
    A Poem, A Movie Script, & A Song, In the Eureka State

    Page 25

    Download Song (SoloMon Between The Mirrors):

    View Movie Script (SoloMon Between The Mirrors):

    View Document (The Origin & Future Of Intelligence):

    View Poem (SoloMon Between The Mirrors):

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    Nice title. I'm afraid I couldn't read for long before the clunky rhymes got on my nerves, though.

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