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Thread: The Invisible Man

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    The Invisible Man

    Hey, this is my first post, and I was kind of confused about some things in H. G. Wells's book 'The Invisible Man'. If any of you have ever read the book I was wondering if you could give me a couple quick summaries about a couple of the chapters, or just the whole book. I find it hard to understand some things from the numerous numbers of people, to trying to picture what Wells is trying to say, to trying to understand the way he interprets the way the people talk in the 1800's saying such things as "What's 'e been doin', then? Ain't hurt the girl, 'as 'e? Run at 'en with a knife, I believe' No 'ed, I tell ye. I don't mean no manner of speaking, I mean marn 'ithout a 'ed! Narnsense! 'tas some conjuring trick.
    Fetched off 'is wrappin's 'e did," and so on and so forth. If anyone could I'd really appreciate it, or if anyone could suggest some good online notes so I could understand it a little better. Thank you.

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    I can see your point... that would take a while to get used to. I'll look and see if I can find some online notes for you.
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    Thanks, I'd really appreciate it if you could find anything, I already checked Spark Notes but they don't have anything on it.
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