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    Masterpiece Theatre

    I don't know if our international participants our familiar with this public television staple, but what do you guys think of the productions they produce? I love them, and I watch it whenever its on. However, I have been publicly chastised by my professors because they think its far too stuffy and British.

    One of the best things about them is that they choose novels that have often been overlooked by history. If for nothing else they help to get great authors discovered again.

    I do think that they over sexualize things though. I suppose that's the only way they can get people to watch public television these days

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    You've been Chastised???

    My hist. prof. (U.S. Hist. to 1877) used them to supplement his lectures. None of the ones he chose were sexualized - I'd have been well aware if they were - and there were excellent pieces about early colonization. He used PBS for other, non-Masterpiece items as well.

    I waited to speak with him during office hours, and a former student of his, whose son was in school at the time was reminiscing about his tests, and saying how his were the second hardest in school. I don't know about that, but I had to work my bum off for a B. He had very, very high standards. I even watched videos again in the library for additional review. Perhaps your professors are blinded by a certain, select few programs that they have seen - or maybe in different genres the material is presently differently - the ones I've seen are very good.
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