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Thread: Short Story 1 - Parts 1 - 7

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    Short Story 1 - Parts 1 - 7

    Character names are stupid for a reason, it gives me a light mood while typing enabling me to write with some small skill and amusement, keep in mind this is an unfinished work in progress, and is possibly being published in a new age magazine.

    Part 1 - The Monks Descend

    A new day dawns... the war has been faught and won but the battle rages on, mens hearts beat with contempt, insanity, faith and hope for the time when the sun sets to reveal their true selves. These men, these muderers and politicians run with evil spirits on a zephyr breeze, attitudes, thoughts and ideas changing in a blink to suit their needs. They are not scared of the consequences of their actions and fear nothing but the redemption of their souls... It's a beginning, but also an end... This short story takes place one week before WW3, events leading up to this catastrophic historic time period are rapidly approaching...

    It's early on a hot summer sunday morning in the year 2027 as two men dressed in grey robes make their way down a rocky bank... "Innocent by
    reason of insanity?" said priest long shlong silver while blinking his squinting eyes at the rising sun, "I am afraid so..." Jack Mehoff replies like wise raising his hand to cover his brow and continues... "These chain of events and coincidences are rightly too unusual for us to pass up, why must god test us", the high priest raises his head, yawns while brushing dust from his robe "god tests all his subjects my friend, however else can we pass through his pearly gates with no evil in our hearts." " Yes, i realize this, however cross examining me in such a way as was done will not solve this mystery". Suddenly a cascading light falls from the sky as the clouds part, "What in gods name is that!" shouts Jack as both priests fall to the ground covering their heads as the roaring sound of this light fills the horizon. Priest Long scrambles unsteadily to his feet, "It must be them... we've both been waiting for this day Jack, let us see what we shall make of it." "I am not looking forward or expecting any lienancy this time, i do suspect we're in for a terrible out come if they over come our minds defences." Both men continue down the steep ledge, looking both ways before every step, eyes unblinking on what has landed at the valleys nothern tip. A young man with dark eyes and a countanence to match appears in the priests mist, seeming to jump out of the shadows while hopping from one foot to the next. "Priests it is i
    Jolly Rancher, your humble servant, i come with grave news from the monastery." Both priests glance at each other and let slip a low moan while
    Long rubs his hands together which he always does when nervous in the presence of Jolly. Jack suddenly fumbles with in his robes sleeves and reveals a trinket, a gleaming silver pocket watch. "Well my boy, you're quite late and i see you're not dressed for the journey, no matter, un glue your eyes from that contraption in the distance and lend an old man your shoulder." Jolly unlatches his eyes from the air ship and leans into the priest, taking his weight and guiding him through the under brush and over proturding rocks. "Stay put Long, Jolly will be back shortly to lend you a hand, no need to miss step and break your skinny neck." "Bah, i am not as feeble as that, despite what you may think, quite the contrary my old friend, i think i could do back flips and cart wheels down this hill you call a mountain." Without missing a beat Long comes bounding down up and over sharp edged rocks and makes his way past the two slow moving forms, he reaches the end of the bank and weezes out a husky cough, "well, what are you two waiting on, our guests will die of old age before you're through hobbling down that hill." Jolly barks a laugh and almost trips over Jacks loose flowing robes, "We're coming master Long, but dont you think it might be preferable if our visiters do die of old age?", Jack looks cross eyed at Jolly and shakes his head, "you fool of a boy, do you confess to know and judge who shall be with the living and the dead, mark my words son, stay out of our way with these folks and do NOT test them, under no circumstances!" Hanging his head Jolly offers
    up a "yes master Jack, by your leave sir, i think it is time i return to the monastery, good luck with the new comers and... oh wait, high priest Farty
    Mc Farticus asked me to give you this letter." Jolly reveals his letter and places it on Jacks hand, making his bow and running full tilt back up the bank. Long glances back at the boy and sniffs loudly, "that boy needs to learn a thing or two if he expects us to raise him to the brotherhood in 5 years." "Yes Long, he is of no importance to the events unfolding, let us see what we can make of Farty's letter, he has always been one for riddles and games." Slowly breaking the wax seal on the evelope and unfolding it, Jack takes out the contents which is a short piece of parchment with writing splayed out in a delicate hand.

    Dear Brothers and to whom it may concern...

    Times are changing and rearanging, i can feel it in my toes and its now tickling my very nose. Politics and religion come into account, when cities fall who will be at fault?In short order what was, what will be and what is may yet fall under the shadow. Like a phantom in the night, take care this is no bantam event. I now ask you a boon, grant it and our very lives, no our souls will swoon. Do not reveal your selves to those lounging in a mighty ship, or you will be put under the whip. Time for the boon, answer me soon. If god hops from toe to toe, revelling in this show. Who may i ask, plays the crow. Is it the nay sayer or the yay sayer, logicaly only i may know Keep your eyes peeled and your head up, or you will only recieve a sup. This playful banter comes to an end, this is the trend. Times are radical im slightly suicidal, within this catch 22 can you find the clue?

    Sincerely Farty

    Priest Long snatches the letter from Jacks finger tips and tears it into shreads, "This is no time for his games, bloody old coot can go solve his own riddles and if he already has, all the power to him, keeping secrets from the order, how dare he!" "I agree brother but he is wise and tearing his riddles like so will cause many problems for all those involved, but do not fret, i memorized the rhymes, in any case we will think on it another day, we must meet our guests and tell them secrets while we pry what information we can from them"

    To Be Continued

    Part 2 - The Dragons Maw

    The ships engines are turned off but the heat is apparent in the burning grass under it. The hatch slowly opens and two uniformed soldiers casually walk out onto the valley and halt before the two bent over priests. The glare and contempt in their eyes towards the priests is to be marked and filed away and as such men as the soldies are, they will not notice the manipulations of the two old men any more than they would notice a flys flatulence. The priests jump to attention and glance at the ship and its various working parts, Long lifts his head and says"We are from the monastery good sirs, we've come in accordance with an old prophecy to meet your general, do be kind and fetch him for us as we are quite feeble and tired in our bones and need our rest." The soldier on the left raises his hand as old clouds shift and reveal a bright sun and an early morning sky, "We will not fetch our general like a dog placed at heel for the likes of you, you will both stand in line and walk with us to her, no arguements from your filthy tongues!" Jack looks up from his deep thoughts and blinks twice "She? We were under the impression your general was male, how is it a female has risen to such heights in a sexist Russian military?" The other soldies face turns deep red but he contradicts this fury with a laugh, "It is not up to you and yours to question the reasons of our great militarys actions, mother russia demanded a woman general and times have changed, you will show respect or suffer the consequences, now follow us and be quick about it." The two soldiers from behind the priests give them a shove while prodding them along and onto the ships ramp, the interior of the plane has boxes and shady objects in see through containers strewn about its surface, on the walls are posters of their general in tight breaches and a top which reveals ample cleavage. The soldiers make their way through corridors and into a control room where a map is laid out on a long table with a computer screen hanging in the center and large high backed chairs surrounding the table. Only two people are situated at the table, the general by the looks of her blonde hair and tight breaches and a young man of great height and bearing, the tall man glides to stand and turns on his heels, watching the priests out of the corner of his eye while keeping his attention on the general. "They have arrived general, and look to be early and ill composed, i suggest we sit them down before they fall down." The general waves at the two stiff backed soldies and dismisses them promptly and says with a thick accent, "Sit good brothers and have conversation with us, my friend and right hand man here is named Jug Head, you may call me general
    Veronica, sit my good men, poor your selves some wine and we will indulge in this ancient prophecy of yours, but i will tell you now and listen carefully to my words, despite your faith... God has no part or place in the hearts and minds of men any longer, human kind will save itself from the machinations of its own anarchy..." Jug slaps his palm on the table lifting papers and sending a pencil twirling in the air, "yes! Even now events are rotating and locking into place, with a little time and a guiding hand all be as we've planned, the nations of the world have disarmed their nukes, sattelite surveillance off the worlds super powers is comencing, if even one slight peep of a miss step happens with in any of these countries borders we will know about it that instant and i can assure you gentlemen if this occurs the world will be rocked on its foundation" Jack scratches at the new formed stubble on his chin and lowers his eyes. "we know all about your plans for world domination with the help of the illuminati, the organization which is reputed to secretly control world affairs, your Illuminati are believed to be the brains behind the events which will lead to a New World Order, in which the world will be run by a single, fascist government, what are your thoughts on the subject general?"
    General Veronica slowly pours wine into the priests goblets but they shake their heads and refuse the drink saying they may only accept juice or tea... "Suit your self, i will have some brought in a minute, i think you have a flaw in your information sir, as the Illuminati only hold sway over events with russias help and the system of rule is not facist in the least, it only seems this way to those that do not understand how our police state operates." Jug leans back in his chair, puffing away on a newly lit cigar, "This regime we speak of that holds power in the world of men is the NWO, we are on the rise, no we have risen and if people decide to delute themselves with preconcieved notions regarding this reactionary and dictatorial person that we are soon to be placing at the head of our orginization, so be it, we will not lose sleep over the issue in any case, in addition if these unsupporters of this fascist movement refuse to advocate or adhere to our police state system of government we will crush them with out mercy on the very earth their notions arose from." Priest Long whistles through his teeth and watches as the young servant lady pours his warm tea, "and if your plans do not evolve in the way you've confessed, what then? Israel will not stand for this... police state, either with good or bad intentions Israel will rebuke and refuse your leader, his manipulations will not come to pass in any way shape or form, but i digress, you have come far in your wicked plans, maybe you will not all be utterly destroyed by this foolishness, only time will tell, we will pray for you..." Jack nods his head sharply and agrees, "that is correct general Veronica, we will play and we will hope you all keep faith and come to repentance, otherwise all is lost for you." Jug again slams the same hand onto the table making it creak under a shaking red fist, "do not make assumptions about the condition of our souls, you're walking a thin line preists, careful not to be put under the whip of true justice." "Yes brothers, listen well to his words, he has put to the question many like minded individuals and they all seem to confess for the order sooner or later during
    their... torture, much more than whips are used to achieve this end, do not let your minds wonder on the subject, you will soil your robes." Brother Long shifts in his seat obviously thinking on it, "I can see this world has only two forms of justice, yours and gods and im assuming you think gods does not come into account, only your barbarian justice, i think it is time for us to leave you now, im sure both of us enjoyed our mutual discussion." Jug looks side ways at the shifting priest, a sparkle of amusement in his eye, "If i knew you'd jump to leave at the slightest hint of torture i would have never brought it up brother, times are harsh and require harsher methods of justice for the truth to be seen, is that clear to you, is your mind and body at ease?" The two soldies that brought the priests into the room step up in unisen and shift to face the general, "general Veronica, our guests leader has informed the deputy and pilot that we must now leave and let the brothers make their way back to the monastery", the general looks displeased but nods her head in acceptence and ushers the soldiers to the door, "our time has come to an end, you must now leave my ship and make your way back to your... dwelling, do not look over your shoulder while making your way back, we have no intention of incurring the wrath of the brotherhood, this prophecy of yours has been revealed, all it now requires is us to place our leader at the fore front of this worlds politics, then we will see truth and no god of yours or any man made concept about spirituality will save the world from the NWO's plans, have a nice day gentlemen." Crossing his arms and clicking his tongue Jug taps his foot rapidly, "indeed, have a nice day, enjoy
    the sun and the sky and remember our words of wisdom, it is time for the world as we know it to change, for the better, do not get left behind
    brothers." The general also begins tapping her foot, "Remember these words as well... the NWO does not live with in the boundaries of the law, because we were not consulted when the laws were made, think on these words and leave us in peace." Priest Long jumps as if spooked then calmly eases back into his chair, "also remember my words... in a world where hypocrisy is made paramount, paranoia the law... god, me and my brothers march before a martyred world, an army for the fight, and speak of great heroic days, of victory and might, have a nice day general" Both priests rise and make their way to the door and nod at the two glaring soldiers, general veronica lifts up her arm and rises out of her chair, "wait brothers, one more thing you must acknowledge is that nothing is as it seems, keep these words close to your heart, good day." Sitting back down while flipping her pony tail over her shoulder she folds her hands on the oak table and lowers her head as the brothers leave the room in silence except the tapping of Jugs foot... " That was very interesting Jug, philosophical monks have a way of tickling me under the arms and infusing insight into my soul, i only hope what we said hammers their souls into submission to the NWO, but somehow i doubt this possibility."
    The tapping ceases and Jug nods in agreement, "though do not forget my general, they will soon come to realize where they miss step, during this time we'll come in and snatch what is left of their desimated monastery and all their knowledge will be ours for the taking." Laughing softly to themselves at the preists expence the planes engines ignite and the plane rises from the valley floor and up over snow capped mountains to the west, never to be seen in that location again. As the hatch closes the two priests look at one another, folded hands with in their robes they turn their backs on the rising ship and make their way through the under brush and towards the rocky cliff situated in the blazing sun.

    To Be Continued

    Part 3 - Darkness Chilled

    It's dusk and the moon is full on a cold night three days after the meeting with the general, the towering spires of the monastery spiking through the
    purple sky, seeming to impale stars, planets and full constellations... Walking through the halls of the chill monastery swiftly and with deliberate intention, Long comes to high doors engraved with two lions with fiery manes in a roaring pose, he slowly creaks both wood doors open and slams the bronze ring onto the door, making a ringing sound through the great library and back down the hall. "Where is Farty, i demand to see the old coot this instant, we have pressing matters at hand and no time to spare, fetch him for me ibrarian and be swift." The librarian winces at the sound of the ring and hops to attention, "Farty is in the alcove above the stacks of criminology documents, i cannot... fetch him for you, i am quite busy with alot on my plate." Long picks up his loose robes while tisking at the librarian and makes off for the secluded alcove to duscuss matters with Farty, upon reaching this extension connected to the main room, long spots Farty pouring over a thick text book with frayed pages, wearing his bifocals Farty glances up and peers at Long with his hair sticking up in every direction and he suddenly chirps up, "ah you made it my good brother, no you're not a bother, turn that frown upside down and keep your eyes off the ground, listen well to these words for i do not repeat myself like the birds, did you solve the riddle and realize your boon? I told you you must answer me soon, here it is again its quite the tune." Giggling into his fist Farty clears his throat testing his voice and begins... " If god hops from toe to toe, revelling in this show, who may i ask, plays the crow, is it the nay sayer or the yay sayer, logicaly only i may know." Long sighs and visibly hunches his shoulders, " no Farty i did not solve the riddle, nor do i care to, tease Jack with your mind games, if only you may know then why do you insist on making such a spectacle out of this." "So you see this small contradiction in my words if not the full meaning of the riddle, trust me brother i wish i did not understand this quip i found but i have been blessed with knowing riddles inside out and backwards." Tearing his eyes of the text book Long looks up into the old mans oval slightly hinting of long lost wisdom eyes and makes a mental note to one day pick his brain. Standing up from his chair Farty extends his bony arm into the shelf and pulls down what looks to be a hour glass and a bible, he then rubs a thick finger up and down the bridge of his nose pushing his glaces back onto his eyes and sits back down, placing both objects on the table with a clang and a bang. "Alright my boy, let me recite Psalm 37:4, and pay attention your mind seems to wonder ive heard, ahem... "Delight your self in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." "I do not know if selfish desires will be granted, but one thing is for sure, with this quote in your mind and living it every day will grant you blessings beyond imagining." Long lifts the hour glass and begins to fiddle with it while chuckling under his breath, "Many live such
    philosophies and see no blessings, hmm maybe they're hidden to human sight and instead are blessings of the mind, body and spirit thus making them hidden to others until the one blessed acts on them." Farty's jaw drops and fingers sieze the bible, "That is correct Long, very good brother, you can use your mind deeply when you wish it, you're not all just piss and viniger i see, in addition these blessings especially those of the spirit will expose this person as a messenger of god, i believe us brothers are messengers but perhaps there are many others through out the world waiting for their chance to prove their faith." Long sits down on the chair facing Farty and the giant arched window behind him and crosses his fingers while placing the hour glass on his lap top side, "Let us hope you're right, other wise there will not be much hope for human kind in the times to come, we alone cannot fight the forces of darkness rising from the abyss to confuse and corrupt men." Both men sigh in contentness, the discussion over for a few brief minutes, after a time Farty reaches over and picks up the hour glass from Longs lap and places it lightly on the desk bottom side up, the sand swiftly poring down making a mound in the center, "Now we've come full circle to this, the method and concept of the sand is like our lives and souls being filtered through evil only if we have the holy spirit with in us, it is a meaningful thought and one we should all take to heart, lest we lose our faith in the spirit of god." Long nods... " I agree and there are many other filters in the world that im sure you know about, reading the Psalms of the bible calm the soul and chase away evil spirits ect, the beginning and the end are upon us my brother, let us dwell in meditation and close our eyes for a time, tomorrows devotion starts in the courtyard at 7:00 am, see you there my friend." Long rises from the chair as Farty closes the bible, they shake hands and bow heads and exchange a kiss on the cheek, Long walks away with a hop in his step through the library and through the roaring lion engraved doors as the the last grains of sand pour through the hour glass. Upon the rising sun as the bells clang through out the monastery and sun light shines through the inner cathedral windows, men are racing to and fro down long
    arched hall ways, through elaborate furnished rooms and out into the courtyard, the bell chimes one final time revealing it to be 7:00 am. Meditation in the monastery occurs once a day at various times depending on the flow of the wind and the time the sun rises, Long spots farty walking briskly for such a man, hes bending over the lily pads in the pond slowly twirling his finger tips through the surface of the cold clear water. Long approaches with a broad smile on his face and Farty looks up from his contemplation of the pond and how life is one big limitless adventure much like the pond, always moving. Long can see the thoughts and ideas moving through Farty's never ending mind, "I see you've arrived for meditation, its good to see you here, you rarely attend such things, we all miss your company." Farty shuts his eyes and inhales deeply through his long nose, "Yes well, i gathered from your attitude late last night that it'd be a good idea for me to attend this morning, plus, i havnt spun my fingers through this pond in years, i have missed it something fierce." Out of no where a crow moves across the sky, through a cloud and blocking the sun for an instant but barely noticeable, it dives with increasing speed and screeches as it nose dives into the pond with a splash, wetting both priets in muddy water turned up from the ponds bottom. The wrinkled men look startled for an instant then compose them selves and look deeply into the ponds depths. The crow is belly up floating to the surface and Farty reaches down into the still water and brings it up by a wing, looking at it oddly with head bent. "Hmm two words come to mind, darkness chilled, other than this i have no idea the meaning of the crow and the pond, but i suggest we think on it." Long glances at the dark bird all soaking wet and shivers to his core, "Alright, i guess devotion will have to wait, let us bring the scavenger to the lab and see what can be seen." Fastly walking and weaving through the many robed bodies kneeled down and bowing while chanting words, the two men walk from the courtyard with the bird at side. Down long halls and down longer stairs walking for a short time and arriving into the basement they reach a door with a cylinder with liquid contents engraved on it and push there way through. Mist billows off the floor and into the air around their feet, it slips through the door and moves along the stairs, turning slowly into water that drips down through cracks in the stone where it evaporates. Both priests reach a high table pressed into the stone wall, where sits many gadgets, tubes and glasses with odd things inside them, Farty places the crow on the table and grabs an exacto knife while removing the feathers, once done he turns the bird over and cuts deeply into the belly all the way to the throat, he then peels of the skin to reveal its insides, a sharp stench floats off the crow into the air. Farty trys not gag while plugging his nose as the bird lays lifeless on the table with a foot long incisione across its body.
    "lets see if the it was indeed a bad omen, the stench almost says it right there but i will not jump to conclusions." Long looks away as Farty reaches in and tears out the heart, which is still beating and pulsing with life, they jump back and Farty drops the beating heart to the cold floor where it bursts into a small blue flame. Farty laughs shrilly as Long bends down for a closer look, "so you see, omens do exist and i think ive solved this one, darkness chilled, i think evil today will be thrown back, if only for a while." Long is still bending down closely examining the ash the heart has turned into, he sifts it through loose fingers and sighs audibly, "Lets be about our business, its cold down here and getting colder by the minute with that blasted crow staring at me with lifeless eyes." Farty picks up the crow and spots the garbage container in the corner resting on a pile of books, "I am done with this for now, a shame it all didnt burst into flame, ah these sore knees do not like the look of those wet stone stairs, oh well lets make our way to the library and discuss what we're going to do about the illuminati." As the brothers hobble up the steps the dead scavenger opens its eyes and blinks while vile liquid ozzes from its stomach healing the wound, it grows new feathers pitch black
    and silky and flutters its wings while jumping out of the container looking around hystericaly for a way out, the door of the lab is shutting slowly and the bird flys through the closing crack and up the stairs into a long hall way, spots an open window and makes for freedom...

    To Be Continued

    Part 4 - Machinations of Anarchy

    The once dead crow soars through the air, dipping and diving in and out of moist clouds, the night is dark, its raining harshy and bright flashes of
    lightning are igniting across the cloud filled sky, thunder booms in the distance as the crow slows down reaching its destination, about 1k miles
    from the cold monastery... The bird has flown long and hard to reach its location, morning is upon the world but there is no sun shine apparent,
    the snow riddled mountains frozen and inanimate as it soars past to the towering facility in a sunken expanse of land. A large lake frozen and icy lays before this structure with its intimidating roman looks, with high arches and dark crystal windows. The crow flys up to the upper most window which is slightly open and nudges its beak between the sill and edges the window open so it may slip through, it bounds up on a table and flys across the room to a cage where it unfastnes the hooked lock and jumps in diving into its seeds. Someone who was once sound asleep is now awakening at the sound of flutering wings, this young lady with her jet black hair and dark oval eyes lifts her chin and smirks at the bird, "So you've come back to me after your long arduous journey, how fair the monks in their cold monastery, with their books, knowledge and doubtless their foolish ideas, thoughts and intentions, let me look into your eyes crow so you may reveal these things to me." The woman jumps out from the covers, perky breats jostling up and down, lace panties shifting with out a sound as she walks over to where the bird is eating. She grasps the birds neck and tilts its head toward her gaze, they stay like this unmoving for what seems like an eternity but after a while she removes her stare and returns to her sheets, " darkness chilled they say, hmm we'll have to remedy this my brothers, i do not know if the omen has occured yet but it cant be as bad as predicted." The crow has finished eating and now hops onto her shoulder nibbling at her ear, " Oh do cease that nonsence bird, im in no mood for your stupidity this morning, you may stay on my shoulder as i attend my meeting with the officials but if you nibble my ear again i'll have you made into bitter soup." The young lady dresses her self in what looks to be a red silk dress with silver bordering along the hem, she lightly steps and dances on the spot spinning around the room and laughing as the bird caws at her movements, then stops, pears out
    the frosty window taking into account the sun less sky and the icy lake. She moves across the room like a young princess whos lost her precious pony, she has meaning and forcefullness in her stride, seeking something or someone to chew. Out the room and into the oval domed space she skips down twisting stair cases and through a large door at the bottom off to the right and into a room with the symbol of the free masons and the illuminati sketched on the walls to either sides, a bright red carpet lays across the floor matching her silky dress, the bird hops off her shoulder to land on the mantle of the flickering fire place. Men are sitting with coffee, tea and wine at hand, looking to be discussing casual matters, this changes with the introduction of the young lady and her pet. One particular fellow both young and handsome winks at her, "good morning mistress Sarika, i hope your nights sleep was favorable, come sit with us and we'll chat about the news from russia", another man but old and quite unseemly looking bounds out of his chair as the crow squaks once, then twice driectly at him, "Damn bird, i'll have you stuffed soon enough, Sarika why must you torture us with this feathered black savage?" She laughs loundly and shifts her dress, "He has his purpose, wish the same could be said of you my good man, lets forget my crow for now and sit and talk, what news from russia, has the united nations
    desolved their ranks and given authority to us yet?" "Well child, yes and no, they wait to see who and what are leader is and his political agenda
    concerning Israel, which i think is only fair considering their hoppity attitude about that country." The young man pipes up, "Yes, but they have no clue who our man is and wait with eyes closed huddled together under their beds, they are cowards, the lot of them and should not be called politicians let alone rulers." Sarika takes in this news with a tilt of the head and a knowing look in her eyes, "All is coming into place according to our plans, soon enough the UN will give us their combined military strength and our police state with the help of russia will be unstopable, Israel is a minor detail and not worth my time or yours, think not on it and keep your noses out of their business for now, we'll use the UN to manifest false peace with them now that Israel trusts them to some extent." The bird bounds up and off the mantle with a shreak and makes for the window, taking flight and diving towards the park way, as if it could sence the darkening mood of his mistress... Sarika's eyes follow the crow out the window and rests on the symbom of the illuminati, she gently runs her hand over it and repeats deep in her throat, "Illuminati, we claim special religious enlightenment but who do we recieve it from, not god surely, i must not discuss this with my fellow members or all is doomed."

    To Be Continued

    Part 5 - Destruction Dawning

    Two days have passed, destruction is dawning while we jump ahead to a country in southwest Asia on the eastern Mediterranean Sea, it's a war torn location full of strife and discord with neighboring Arab countries that had rejected the UN partition which led to this, insurrection and numerous wars. "The Prime Minister will not allow it, do not pressure me into saying a word, you will not get in anything edge wise in this regard, the illuminati hold no sway in Israel, we know all about their plans and we do not agree, no slack will be given." It's a blistering hot day in Tel Aviv the largest city in Israel, the meeting is held here because Jerusalem has been under siege by terrorist attacks for the past month, more so than usual. The crowded street is festering with movement as people jostle one another to arrive at their destinations, kids are playing soccer and hacky sack in dim lit alleys while parents yell from windows up high for them to come in for lunch. Small cars honk and buzz past these alleys in a commotion of movement, civil disturbance and disorder. One particular car in black races along over pot holes while dodging civilians left and right, the radio is on and seems to be a discussion on the past genocide in Darfur Sudan which was halted and stopped by a christian movement from Canada 15 years past with the help of the UN who were pressured into their so called selfess act. The driver listens intently while the two men in the back are shouting at one another. "You just do not understand the situation Shaggy Mc Daddy, i will not let Israel fall with out knowing the true intentions of the Free Masons and their NWO." Red faced and heart pounding in his ears Shaggy is a short stocky muscular fellow with bright eyes and look of intelligence and kindness, the man next to him is equally red faced but not in anger but in embarassment, the man is young
    and tall, with a hook nose, slim build and tilted eyes. "Listen to me Morning Wood, if this meeting with the russians and the illuminati goes well and we come to realize our mistake in not trusting them, i will do a jig in pink spandex while shaking their hands at the very table our meeting is taking place, other wise they can all go **** them selves." Morning looks agast at Shaggy but bursts out laughing, " That would be a site to behold considering this meeting is video taped live across the world, but you're absolutely right, if they have no ill will towards the jews and the rest of our world i might just hop up on that table and spin you around on my shoulders." The driver looks back shaking his head with a grin on his wide mouth, "eh gentleman, you do that and i'll shave my legs and kiss my dog on his drooling lips, and that'll be after hes done licking his balls." All three men are in a fit of laughter picturing the situations, slapping their knees and holding their bellies as the car rumbles and honks down the crowded dusty lane. Another car also in black moves swiftly behind the other, three dark eyed men in black suits and short cropped hair are festening 9 mm's, pineapple grenades and other devious gadgets across their bodies, they look at ease, calm to the naked eye but their minds are racing with untold fear and excitement, they are Israels special forces and only three are allowed at the meeting at the insistence of
    the Prime Minister. This assembly for business, social and religious purposes has been kept hush hush and secret to everyone but top officials in various governments across the world, although unfortunately things such as these have a tendency to leak through cracks, which is the reason for the three armed men, likely each goverment at attendence will have a few of their own close at hand. The car in front halts to a stand still in front of an electronic gate, a large mansion rests in the distance, there are many cars gathered there already and people in suits and dresses are moving through the front doors. The driver of the car looks through his glove compartment and takes out his papers and the invitation regarding the meeting and the two men sitting in back, the military suited man nods his head and waves his hand as the gates slowly open admitting the car onto the paved road leading to the house. Rolling forward is the car with the three special forces soldiers and its immediately ushered through, making its way towards the mansion the three men exchange looks, smile and... KABOOM! Their car erupts in flame and
    smoke sending body parts through windows and chunks of metal spiraling through the air landing on the grass steaming, the driver dives out of the smashed window rolling, his arm missing and right foot crushed, blood fountaning from the stub, people begin to scream and some start to run towards the destroyed car but then two grenades go off in sync. BOOM, BOOM. Doors are lifted from there hinges and sent through the air, the three soldiers are charred corpses, nothing recognizeable about either of them. The people running to the vehicle dive for cover as the shards of metal from the pineapple grenades rip through the air, one is hit while she began to lay down, in the neck nearly decapitating her, the gurggling sounds are unbareable as she slides to her knees and falls on her face trying to form words in her mouth which amazingly are audible to those with in a few feet of her, " god... forgive... us." People work up the courage and stand with quaking knees, brushing residue from their torn suits and make their way slowly to the car and the man screaming with no arm, "doctor! Is anyone here a doctor or a ****ing medic! My bloddy stub of an arm might need some goddamn attention!" A woman runs up to the kneeling man and removes her shirt tieing it around the mans stub to stop or atleast halt the spurting and flowing blood, she notices his crushed foot and tells him she cant help it until he reaches the hospital, he nods in acceptance and a man appears offering him a hand and a shoulder while another woman pulls up in a car, jumps out and swings open the back door, the hurt man and the doctor get in and speed away through the gate past stunned soldiers with guns unholstered
    and pointing in every direction. The three men in the car, driver included are still laughing as the explosion is heard through out the crowd, slamming on the brakes, they choke on their giggles and snap their nacks around to look out the back window, to witness the mayhem in full force, Shaggy leans out the window and pukes his breakfast onto some poor souls waxed shoes but the man pays no attention, eyes fastened on the event unfolding. " I guess we're with out our back up for now, Shaggy", Shaggy wipes his mouth on his sleeve dry heaving out the window and turns around, "looks that way, no matter, i doubt there will be any more crazyness... show mercy Jehova." On the roof of the mansion stands general Veronica and her side kick Jug, her golden hair blowing out behind her as she observes the destruction, " what a time for this to occur, i am not surprised but i am angry at this turn of events, Israel is in shambles and not even Tel Aviv is safe any longer." Jug walks away to the roofs entrance puffing on his cigar and lets out a grunt, "yes, it is unfortunate the jews most suffer countless times but then again, they turned away from their god, rightly positioning them selves for his wrath, that is if you beleive in Yeshua... refuse to accept their god and he has no power over you, we make our own gods now, we are gods now." The general bites her lip and clenches her fist, " ive heard it all before, the assembly should be almost ready, let us make our way through this maze of a house and attend it in good measure."

    To Be Continued

    Part 6 - Meeting Among Devils

    Arriving late, Morning steps into the audience, disturbing the happenings, he sighs in relief as he notices the cameras are not on yet and sits him self down beside Shaggy, lowing his head and leaning into Shaggys shoulder he whispers into his ear, "pay close attention to general Veronica and the raven haired Sarika at the head of the table, they alone control world events with the soft nudgings of the UN and their confidants."

    Not quite finished yet, but the next section will involve the Iraelis and Arabs coming to a disagreement with the NWO and russia, sealing what will happen the following week end...

    Part 7 - The River of Babylon

    Our story ends with a bloody battle on the Euphrates river which flowed from the Garden of Eden, the conflict finally makes its way towards the ancient location of Babylon where it is distinguished by an unnatural force. Babylon the philosophical materialist's view of the world, an independent reality, not necessarily a specific historical place or time but a reference to cultures spawned out of materialist domination and conditioned mental slavery. The rememberance of Zion is a reality dependent on the observer, and represents the breaking of conditioned mental slavery and delving into the limitless possibilities that follow. Zion is where this story ends in your minds and in this day and time in reality, but it is not a beginning nor an end for those few in the short future who will take part and witness such things occur. The second coming of Yeshua in his fathers name Yehway which means literaly past, present and future is on the horizon, open your eyes, raise your heads, lift your arms to the sky and come out from under your shelters, time for a reckoning on the world, rejoice and accept it but also fear for those obliterated by it for they will be forever lost... The small river boat bobs along with the slight waves on the river Euphrates passing under over hanging trees as small fish scatter beneath its meandering, the small engine sounds as if it will die at any moment but this does not concern the five men and
    one woman aboard the small craft. A young woman of small stature and tiny delicate hands grasps an old mans sleeve, "why does the sky look so pink today father, i've never seen it shift colors so, it is doing a number on my nerves, i feel impending doom in the short future." The old man glances over the side of the boat and lifts a water logged stick covered in river slime and snapped in the center but held to gether by bark onto his lap, "you see this slime covered branch daughter, which is broken in the center but hanging together by bark, this is like some peoples lives in that they are covered in slime which is sin and they are broken inside and searching for something while the entire time they are held together by the bark which represents their armor, faith and hope in god and the future, once they give up and lose faith and refuse to repent this bark will snap and their souls will be forfiet." The daughter looks at her wise knowing father with big tilted oval eyes as the rest of the men shift in their seats perhaps thinking on the old mans words, "i see father, i promise you i will never lose faith and always repent for my hope in salvation, thank you for the insight father." A cough arises from the wrinkled old mans throat and he weezes while tossing the branch back to the river, "you were always a prudent child having the ability to discern and judge what is true, right, or lasting; very sagacious like your mother, i am
    pleased you look, act and think like her and take my words to heart, now child do not cry, we will both see her again with god at our side." Taking his daughter into his arms he caresses her while whispering soft soothing words into her ear, she calms down rubbing his chest then returns to her seat. From the blue river a few horses gallop on the bank, the people in the boat can make out raised automatic machine guns and futher back into the trees, through a gap a jeep drives. billowing dust behind it, the reflective sky making the dust seem like purple clouds to the eyes of those on the boat. "Hey! You folks on the river, halt your movement this instant and make your way to us, we mean you no harm!" The girl looks up from her fathers teary eyes and wonders why hes now sobbing into his hands, "father, i do not like the looks of these people but surely he is honest and means us no harm, unless we refuse to comply to his wishes." The man on the bank lifts his gun threateningly into the air and yells, "Are you all deaf, i said turn your engine off and make your way to us!" The girls father looks directly at the furious young bearded man atop his stallion and states simply, emotionless, "we are on our way, no need to get hostile" The small boat reaches the bank and two men put the paddles away while the rest move off the boat and unto the muddy bank, they are shivering and some are looking at the mounted men with out right fear... the soldier who looks to be in charge dismounts and moves his way through the small crowd towards the girl and places both hands on her breasts while laughing at the shocked look on her and her fathers face. The daughter jumps back with a high kick to the mans chin and his head snaps back, with a yell he dives on her and rips off her dress, "you little ****ing *****, you're going to pay for that, now play along like a good farmers daughter while looking into my eyes." She screams for her fathers help and for the man to remove his wondering hands but he keeps them gripped on her breasts and up her now ripped skirt, swiftly the old man is with in arms reach of the rapist and grabs his long black oily hair in a fist while spitting is his face and throwing him off his only daughter, she cries out with relief and rises unsteadily to her feet beside her father. " you know not what you do young man, do with us as you will, god will grant you your justice in due time, evil men like you that live by the sword shall die by the sword." The man jumps up with a beastly snarl and spits blood from his mouth, a cracked tooth slides down his stubbily chin and he takes the gun off his back and grins, "where is your god now, old man." The endless popping sounds of the guns bullets are heard miles away, ripping through the couples body like a hot knife through butter, they let out no scream but instead hold one another and seem to pray, falling to their knees they look at the snarling panting man and close their eyes while falling to the dirt, rolling into the water and drifing down the river, a stream of blood trailing behind them. In the distance a few miles ahead of the killings the jeep plows along, with its two men bouncing up and down on the seats as they drive over uneven ground, they both are required to yell over the sounds. "I do not expect those russians with the backing of the UN to give any quarter at the babylonian site, they are 500k strong with every advanced military vehicle in the world, how can the Arabs and Israelis compete." Sounds of jets can be heard above the jeeps rumblings, soaring across the sky, looking like a flock of birds aiming with purpose, " i cant answer the question you seek, only time will tell how the Arabs and Israelis fair against this... NWO, maybe a matter of minutes from now it'll be ended and we can pack away our video cameras and head back to Syria, with our heads intact, atleast we got the shots of this odd sky, it gives me the creeps." The other man reaches behind him making sure the cameras are safe under the canvas, "The only thing giving
    me the creeps right now, is what that billowing cloud is infront of us maybe a mile away, my god it must be huge if its that big at this distance." Both men noticing it for the first time, the driver slams on the gas and races towards the smoke filled sky without noticing the shots slicing through the air. Along the gentle shores of the Euphrates river a young girl and her father lay soaked on the bank, water dripping off thier faces but the blood washed away, nobody sees them, nobody seems to care, the world is too busy with its own realities, silently the water laps at their legs...

    The next section of the story and last part takes place directly at the location of babylon, a battle is being waged, a one sided battle that does not
    last long because something or someone intervenes...

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    Sorry about the fragmented text and sentences, not sure how to fix this besides typing the whole thing out which will take me a century, pasting does not work properly and going through it all while back spacing sentences into place didnt work either.

    Err, i just noticed the rules of the forum and some of the character names ive used are stretching them, sorry admins, wont happen again, feel free to edit the post or ask me and i'll get right on it.
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